France: I resent you for making me defend the rights of a bigot to spew his garbage

Freedom of speech is, and must remain absolute, in our Western culture.


Because it is the foundation on which our culture is built!

Sure, other cultures are not – but giving in to them and limiting free speech in our society…in no uncertain terms, this undermines the very premise without which our Western culture will wither and die.

All this means that the more we disagree with something someone says, the more vigorously we must defend his/her right to say it unmolested.

Sure, individuals may choose not to associate with them based on their views:  but governments must not be permitted to censor speech, no matter how dispicable.

I hate anti-Semites.  Deeply and thoroughly – even when they masquerade as ‘anti-Zionists!!!

Which is why it pains me so much that France,  by arresting him for ‘speech’, is forcing me to stand up for and defend the right to free speech of a vile anti-Semite, Dieudonne.

As in, the father of the Quenelle.

Had France (and other countries) not criminalized gestures, symbols or questioning of the Nazi regime and it toll on humanity, people like Dieudonne would not be martyrs and political prisoners – they would just be loosers that are easily dismissed as their nonsense can be countered with actual evidence!

But no, France has to go arrest him for nothing more than speech:  making him as much of a Martyr as the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who gave their lives for our freedoms to criticize that overinflated nonsense called ‘faith’.

That makes me very, very, very angry!

Freedom of speech is for everyone – and must remain so.

It is difficult to stand up for vile vipers like Dieudonne….but, if we don’t, we will be setting up a precedent which will, eventually, muzzle us all!

Let’s hope that day never comes.  Which is why even vipers like Dieudonne must be granted freedom of speech!