Conspiracy or good marketing?

Oh, my!  Technology is FUN!!!

Today, I had some REAL fun.  Thanks to a tip from CanadianBeaver, I stumbled upon BlogTV!  Sort of like any other blog, except that instead of text, you pump out live video, and people type comments which pop up as you go….  And, once I got me a mike, I got to even talk – live – to a whole ‘roomful’ of people who were chatting with CB!  Thank you, one and all!

One topic which came up was the ‘world domination by the illuminati/banking families/the-13-bloodlines’.  I’d like to make an important point:  never ascribe to a ‘conspiracy’ what you can explain by human stupidity/greed.  Or, really, really good marketing!

Think about it, really.  If YOU were a person in control of great wealth/multinational corporate conglomerate, and you had the opportunity to create strategic alliances with other really wealthy businesses/individuals/families, would you consider this to be ‘a conspiracy’, or would it simply be good business sense?  Prudent corporate strategy, perhaps? 

How naive would we all be if we did not think that ‘strategic alliances’ have been forged and broken and re-forged, all throughout our history?  Visible ones, and ‘behind the scenes’ ones…  It is the most predictable, natural course of things… and calling it a ‘conspiracy’ just seems so silly!  Of course it is going on.  Of course the aim is to concentrate wealth, control and market share – power.  It is the most reasonable course of action! 

And….what is the real difference between being ‘secretive’ and ‘discrete’?

But to think it all this is somehow evil?  Come on!