Athletes vs Human Rights

When you put it this way, many athletes might feel kinda baaaad…

Many people are justifying ‘not boycotting’ the Olympic games in Beijing by calling attention to the plight of the athletes:  these people have trained and sacrificed, to be at the pinnacle of their form, so they could perform at these games!  Denying them the chance to go could dash their Olympic hopes forever, because it is unlikely that most of them will be able to remain at their highest performance level for four years.

So, what should one say to an athlete who has perhaps sacrificed a lot, instead of investing in a career and a home, they have invested in training and now it will all be for naught?  I have an answer! 

Get a life!

Sports are a hobby!  It is something we do for fun and pleasure – and to keep ourselver healthy.  It is ‘self-care’. 

How do I know it?  Because if I want to buy a membership in an athletic club, go swimming in a public pool, ride a bicycle, play ball on a sports field – I have to pay for it!  Just like I have to pay for my haircut, my facial, my manicure… and these are also necessities for a competition!  A different competition, to be true, but a completition based on physical attributes, their training and presentation!  Except that the other beauty contests are nowhere near as politicized as the Olympic Games are, were, and always will be.

Are you getting angry yet? 

Good!  You should be.

Comparing the preparation and dedication necessary to compete at the Olympic games to those of a beauty contest is ludicrous (though some little girls might differ).  Yes, beauty contestants also need it – but the degree of magnitude is somewhat lower.  Importance, and all that…

Now imagine the degree of dedication it takes to stand up for human rights against an opressive, callous, arrogant giant like the Peoples’ Republic of China!

Yes, a few degrees of magnitude greater than the athletes need to get ready for the Olympics!  

So, now, perhaps you can understand the anger that decent people feel rise up within them when someone worries about dissapointing the athletes… or places their desire for self-validation above the very survival of a peoples threatened with genocide!