Food for thought

Today, I would like to offer a few other posts which bring some food for thought:

George Jonas:  Dalton McGuinty’s Singapore of the North

National Post editorial board: Thought police are thought police, not ‘facilitators’

Jonathan Kay on cystic fibrosis, and the disgrace of Carleton University’s Students’ Association

Damaging Israeli Flag Creates Unease at Bell High School (that should have been defacing, not ‘damaging’!).

It just makes my head spin…


Update:  It has been determined that the Israeli flag (part of a multi-national flag exhibit) at Bell (the high school of both John Manley and John Baird) had been damaged by a student of Palestinian heritage.  No informaition is available on what, if any, disciplinary action the student will face for her actions.

UPDATE:  Carleton University students redeem themselves