Scaling up ‘caring’

We all care deeply about our ‘loved ones’ – be they family or friends, or even pets.  We also want to be loved and respected.  We thrive in the knowledge that someone cares about us – not for what we are, but for who we are.

This is a very strong human need.  Some would point out that this need is not unique to humans – all ‘social beings’  share it:  and they would be right.  Our pets agree to adopt us as much as we adopt them.  And we are all aware of inter-species bonds in nature, too.  But, I am off on a tangent again…  This post is part of the current discussion of ‘The Big Picture’, which is focusing on human society in particular – so I will limit this look to humans…

In the Scaling up communities segment (to which I will be adding more posts), I have tried to look at how the process of living in ever-larger social units – communities – has necessarily affected the way we organize our societies, how we interact and govern each other.  Yet, this scaling up of communities has also affected us on very personal levels:  how and whom we interact with and what our expectations of ‘caring’ are, of others and of ourselves.  And that is what the posts ‘congregated’ here will concentrate on.


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