“…she should sue Angelina Jolie!”

OK, so this video has absolutely nothing to do with my post – I just thought it was funny.  Yet, perhaps… it DOES set the ‘right mood’!

It is not often that I mention ‘tabloid stuff’ here, but – well, this one just bewilders me.

Now, some people think I am just a little bit opinionated.  Hard to believe, I know, but, some people…  I do, however, have some very strong opinions about ‘babies’, children and that whole parental responsibility to ensure the best possible chance of success for their kids.

And, I do – at times – get a little ‘worked up’ when I see people doing patently stupid stuff that will damage their kids for ever.  Possessing an industrial dose of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I did what anyone who intended to reproduce does (or, perhaps I should say ‘ought to do’):  I read anything and everything possible to make sure I did things ‘right’.

Perhaps that is why I now know that my opinions are right!!!

For example, I did not partake of alcohol (except once, with a non-drinker recording my reactions for my reference…it is important to know one’s own reaction to a potentially addictive substance) at all before I had my kids – and, of course, while pregnant and nursing.  There were not too many studies on this, but – since alcohol decreases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, this could potentially affect the development of my eggs long before I ever got pregnant.  Therefore, I chose to avoid that risk.

I paid close attention to my choice of husband:  he had to have complementary genetic traits to mine, high intelligence, good looks (the kids had to get THAT from ONE of us), and he had to come from an affectionate family so that his nurturing instincts would be properly developed for potential parenthood.  Selecting the best potential father for one’s kids is not an easy task, but I got lucky – I found the perfect one!

I read research, read texts and articles, searched through statistics for such things as ‘age of mother vs. mean IQ’, nutrition (depriving an infant of breastmilk will reduce a person’s potential highest IQ by about 10 points – and LaLeche League volunteers will share their breastmilk with mothers who cannot breastfeed), early developmental needs, amount of skin-on-skin contact, stimulus levels… well, the list is rather long.  Anything I could think of  or that I learned could be a factor, I educated myself on.  You get the picture…

And this is just simple ‘due diligence’!  Something I thought every potential parent did – perhaps not as obsessively as I had, but, did none the less.  Get educated, establish a stable social unit with sufficient economic security, get the nest ready – and only when things are ready, bring a child into this world!

Today, I went grocery-shopping with my older son.  Yes, we both get a kick out of packing the groceries into the cart in the most space-efficient manner, then from organizing the groceries on the belt that leads to the cashier ‘just right’ – and today, we got told off for ‘overloading’ it… too much of a good thing, I guess.  As we hung our heads in shame, we could not help seeing this  Octomom’s picture all over the tabloids near the cash…

Just thinking about what this creature is doing to her children floods my blood with dangerously high levels of adrenaline!!!

OK, so she had 6 kids at once.  There is no way these 6 babies got sufficient room/nutrition in the womb to reach their fullest developmental potential.  It’s a simple matter of demand being greater than a single womb can supply!  But, well, these things CAN happen… and, though I do not agree with artificially setting up a pregnancy like this, I also understand that IF this happens to someone – they simply cannot harm the fetuses, and so they carry through.  I get it.

But, looking after 6 little ones is hard!  It would be a full-time job for several adults!

Then, to go and do it AGAIN???  With 8 more babies???

Yet, this is not the worst of it.  Not only did she do nothing to ‘prepare the nest’, this creature spent tens of thousands of dollars on breast implants (so much for nursing!) and plastic surgeries to make her face look more like Angelina Jolie’s!  That has to be some unhealthy obsession this scary woman has…

My son watched my fury at her irresponsibility, then laughed and (mock seriously) said:

“I’m surprised she has not started to think that she should sue Angelina Jolie!  Obviously, all this only happened because Angelina Jolie is so beautiful, successful – and an excellent mom.  She’s too perfect!  If she weren’t so awesome, this poor woman would not need to go to these lengths in order to stop feeling inferior!  So, you see, in the end, this is all Angelina Jolie’s fault!”

This would be way more funny… if it was not actually likely to happen!