OPP Detective Sgt. Jim Smyth – excellent work

‘Everybody’ has been following the trial of Col. Russel Williams… who had just been sentenced to 25 years in jail with no possibility of parole.

All that needs to be said about what he did has probably already been said – and I’ll not bore you by repeating it.

What I do want to call your attention to is the absolutely awesome work done by OPP’s Behaviour Sciences Section Detective Sgt. Jim Smyth.  Honestly, I am rather impressed by how quickly this Williams guy  has been caught:  a highly skilled military man… he had skills well beyond what one might expect of an ‘ordinary’ criminal.

And, he had been trained how to withstand interrogation, too.  Which is what makes Sgt. Jim Smyth’s accomplishment while interrogating Williams that much more impressive.

Here is part of the interrogation video, as posted by the Global Toronto.  Sgt. Smyth – well done!

My sympathy to all the victims of this criminal and their families.

However, I do get very angry when some people attempt to group Russel Williams’ wife, Mary Elisabeth Harriman, in with the victims!

That very idea is highly offensive.  Remember, Harriman is employed by a charity organization – and draws a ‘six-figure-salary’...  in my eyes, this makes her a kind of a rapist, too!