Ottawa 2010 Municipal Elections results

Well, the results are in.


Some ward races were won by less than 100 votes, so recounts are very likely.

Still, there do appear to be a few new faces on the Ottawa City Council.  Not enough (in my never-humble-opinion), but some are better than none!  The results, as of now, are as follows:

Mayor:  Jim Watson

Ward races:

  1. Orleans:  Bob Monette
  2. Innes:  Rainer Bloess
  3. Barrhaven:  Jan Harder
  4. Kanata North:  Marianne Wilkinson
  5. West Carleton-March:  Eli El-Chantiry
  6. Kanata-Stittsville:  Shad Qadri
  7. Bay:  Mark Taylor
  8. College:  Rick Chiarelli
  9. Knoxdale-Merivale:  Keith Egli
  10. Gloucester-Southgate:  Diane Deans
  11. Beacon Hill-Cyrville:  Tim Tierney
  12. Rideau-Vanier:  Mathieu Fleury
  13. Rideau-Rockcliffe:  Peter Clark
  14. Somerset:  Diane Holmes
  15. Kitchissippi:  Katherine Hobbs
  16. River:  Maria McRae
  17. Capital:  David Chernushenko
  18. Alta Vista:  Peter Hume
  19. Cumberland:  Stephen Blais
  20. Osgoode:  Doug Thompson
  21. Rideau-Goulbourn:  Scott Moffat
  22. Gloucester-South Nepean:  Steve Desroches
  23. Kanata South:  Allan Hubley

Pat Condell: ‘Drunk on Religion’

Not that long ago, I wrote a post because I was frustrated about the inaccurate use of the terms ‘agnostic’ and ‘atheist’.

In the comments following the post, JR and I got into a bit of a discussion on this topic:  JR insisted (at least, that is my understanding) that even though he considers himself an agnostic, he’d rather toss his lot in with theists than atheists.

In my never-humble-opinion, Pat Condell’s video (though it stands perfectly well on its own) makes an excellent addition to this discussion.