Trolling could get you 25 years in an Arizona jail

Many legislators fail to understand the impact of the laws that they pass – but this takes the cake.

A bill has passed in Arizona – and only awaits the governor’s signature to become a law – which would punish trolling on the internet by 25 years in jail:

‘ The legislature recently passed House Bill 2549,which uses broad language that could turn a troublingly large swath of online chatter into a class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 25 years in jail. It reads:

“It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person.” ‘


What were they thinking!!!


2 Responses to “Trolling could get you 25 years in an Arizona jail”

  1. emmageraln Says:

    Reblogged this on emmageraln and commented:
    25 years for being annoying! Good grief, I’m glad I live in the UK or I’d be screwed 🙂

    Xanthippa says:

    Thanks for re-blogging – people need to learn about this.

    And, being in the UK may not make you safe. From what I have managed to understand from the law (and I am not a lawyer so I might have it wrong) it looks like it is enough for a person in Arizona to read something you posted from anywhere in the world and file a complaint: you could then be extradited there to face any resulting charges. And, unfortunately, you Brits extradite people to the US based on accusation – without even a prima facie case having to be presented in UK courts.

    Or, the complaint might sit dormant somewhere without you ever knowing about it and, if you decide to visit the US, it’ll show up as an outstasnding arrest warrant against you and you might be arrested when you get your passport stamped at customs.

    So – worry…

    And spread the word!

  2. derek Says:

    Basically, millions of people could go to jail.

    Like any law, enforcement is what matters. Like all laws, this one will likely be SELECTIVELY enforced.

    Xan says: EXACTLY!!!

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