Chris Schafer: 30th Anniversary of the Charter



One Response to “Chris Schafer: 30th Anniversary of the Charter”

  1. James Wolfe Says:

    ur original constitution was fine. That’s right the BNA act served us well until this anti-English language, anti BNA bigot from Kebec, Trudeau decided to force his French style charter on the public.

    Most of the public have no idea what this man Trudeau and his gang of bigots from Kebec did to this country. They despised our real BNA, UEL history and everything connected to it. All we have lived with for the last several decades are government forced lies, propaganda, the revisionist BS about 2 founding nations, linguistic duality, bilingualism…all lies, all made up in the last several decades.

    But let’s cut to the chase here, and lay out why Pierre Trudeau and his then-justice minister, Jean Chretien, so sorely wanted this Liberal-crafted Charter in the first place.

    As many scholars have noted over the years, the only part of the Charter that truly concerned Trudeau was the section dealing with the mobility and language rights of French Canadians.

    In other words, all Trudeau really cared about was the enforcement of “official bilingualism” on the rest of Canada — the costly and ire-raising policy that, along with uncontrolled multiculturalism, continues to polarize our nation 30 years later.

    The Charter and everything connected with it should be repealed ASAP. The public really has no idea what this parasite, this anti-English language. anti-BNA bigot Trudeau actually did to this country. The charter was forced upon the public, like it or not.

    This “day” is nothing to celebrate. This the the 30th anniversary of the day we citizens lost our inherent rights and assigned them to the Government to be doled out and interpreted as they see fit.

    The Charter has put us at the mercy of political correctness.

    Our BNA act served us well until Trudeau and his gang of bigots from Kebec forced the charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism…and all this expensive so called rights crap on the country. We have gone further and further into debt because of all this social engineering.

    So while Trudeau was forcing the French language all across the Canada, this same scum bag supported the banning (bills 22, 178, 101…) of our language in Kebec. He was a hypocrite, liar, corrupt to the core.

    They bragged about how they would turn Canada into a French state and they have been doing that for the last 5 decades….

    “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How? First comes the right to communicate with gov’t in a minority language (ie French), then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick…That’s what’s really going on.

    “My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination”. – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State – Page 2 ‘ENOUGH’ by J.V. Andrew. – Serge Joyal – Now in the Senate.

    This is THE biggest scam, the biggest fraud and lie ever forced upon the Canadian public. People have no idea what this man Trudeau did to this country!!!

    “Quebec can make French the only official language in spite of the Constitution”. Pierre Trudeau,.

    “There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal before the law….and to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of destruction”. Pierre Trudeau,.” ….Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no better instrument than federalism”, Pierre Trudeau,.

    “I cannot swear it but I think we were thinking to ourselves,… we are a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, Lalonde, Chrétien, myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 all told…we were bringing off a revolution. We held the key posts. We were making the civil service bilingual (French), kicking and screaming all the time”. Jean-Luc Pepin, Minister of Industry, 1970.

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763. Not this phony, revisionist lie, this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, propaganda, spin that we’ve been living with since Trudeau, and kebec forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially an English speaking country for over 200 years…just a fact.

    Time to repeal all of this liberal Trudeau crap, hey “Conservatives”?

    Xanthippa says:

    Yes, Trudeau had an agenda.

    However, primacy of French was not his only goal in the process of imposing the constitution on us – and, he openly admitted this.

    One of his main goals in the drafting of the constitution was to specifically exclude property rights. Under the Magna Carta and the BNA, we had property rights: and, make no mistake, having property rights or not is the major difference between free citizens and serfs.

    Trudeau was fully ware of this.

    That is why he stripped us of our property rights.

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