Reddit user captures video of 2012 voting machines altering votes

This is one terrible mess!

‘We are unable to confirm whether or not something fraudulent has occurred, but the story seems to lean towards a malfunction. Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Senior Staff Technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, has claimed that it is a miscalibration of the touch screen, though Centralpavote’s personal account directly contradicts that statement, pointing towards a malfunctioning piece of hardware, incorrectly implemented software or, in the worst case scenario, intentional voter fraud.’

Read it and weep:  incompetence or  malice, it does not really alter the fact that with electronic voting, without backup paper ballots, there is no way to verify whether the results the machines are reporting accurately reflect the will of the people.  Where such an accountability vacuum exists, fraud is sure to follow soon – it’s human nature!
Sad, just sad…


One Response to “Reddit user captures video of 2012 voting machines altering votes”

  1. Zimriel Says:

    This leaves aside the question of why they are allowing just anybody to show up and vote.

    Votes could be tallied more easily if there were fewer of them.

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