An atheist convention in the Middle East!

In the only country in the Middle East free enough to hold one:  Israel!!!

Contrast this with Egypt’s new Constitution:  No God-given right to atheism in Egypt

“The constitution defines Egyptians as Muslims and Christians. This alienates anyone else who does not fit into these categories,” a 24-year-old teacher who describes himself as a “secular humanist” says. 

While some Islamists widely attack liberals and Christians, describing them as “infidels” (some even going as far as justifying their killing), nonbelievers are not even acknowledged, let alone guaranteed rights in an Islamist Egypt. 

“The Egyptian people are religious by nature, and there are no atheists,” said Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most prominent Islamic scholars, if not the most, a few days ago.

Indeed, the only place in the Middle East where one can openly say they subscribe to reason over mythology is in Israel.


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