Zeman’s words to Merkel in their meeting today

Today, Angela Merkel paid a visit to the Czech Republic.

Many people see her visit as a brazen provocation, and many protests were held against her.  A few supporters also showed up, and one report claims a woman started hitting ‘the other side’ (though I don’t know if she was a supporter or protester) with an umbrella.

Photos show that the vast majority of the people were against Ms. Merkel’s visit and held signs telling her to go home, they were booing and flipping her the bird.

No word yet on whether the group that had planned to moon her went through with their action

The official statement released from The Castle (seat of the Czech gov):

Prohlášení Pražského hradu:

Během jednání prezidenta republiky Miloše Zemana se spolkovou kancléřkou SRN Angelou Merkelovou byla konstatována shoda na dobré úrovni bilaterálních vztahů.

Prezident republiky vyjádřil názor, že bruselská byrokracie je jedním z faktorů brexitu.

Obě strany jednání vyjádřily zásadně odlišné názory na otázku migrace, především z islámských zemí.

Prezident republiky vyjádřil názor, že pokud si Německo pozvalo ilegální migranty, nemůže formou uprchlických kvót přenášet odpovědnost na země, které je nepozvaly.

Na jejich žádost prezident republiky začlenil do své národní delegace také 1. vicepremiéra  a ministra financí Andreje Babiše a vicepremiéra Pavla Bělobrádka, aby měli možnost při setkání s Angelou Merkelovou vyjádřit své názory.

My translation:

During the meeting between the Presiden Milos Zeman with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the agreement for bilateral relationship on good terms was noted.

The President voiced the opinion that the Brussels bureaucracy is one of the causes of Brexit.

Both sides expressed fundamentally different views on the question of migration, primarily from Islamic countries.

The President voiced the opinion that if Gremany had invited illegal migrants, it cannot, by means of migrant quotas, shift the responsibility to countries which had not invited them.

At their request, the President included in his delegation the 1, Vice Premier and Finance Minister Andrej Babis and Vice Premier Pavel Belobradka, so they would have an opportunity to express their opinions during the meeting with Angela Merkel.

Munich under attack: not enough info for proper analysis – yet

There was a tragic shooting in Munich today.

It comes on the 5th anniversary of Breivik ‘false flag’ operation:  he shot up an Antifa training camp, pretending to be a right winger – in order to provoke a back-lash against what he perceived as right-wing, anti-Sharia movement.

At this time, there are highly conflicting reports – to say the least.  A Muslim woman says she heard the shooters yell ‘Allahu Ackbar’ (Allah is THE greater God), which would indicate Islamic terrorism, while another person reported that one shooter said ‘Fuck the Foreigners’, leading others to speculate this could have been an attack by Germans, frustrated at the uncontrolled criminality among the migrants, becoming a really bad vigilante.

I do not have sufficient information to perform a proper analysis.

Rather, I would like to leave you with the following video – please, analyze it as best as you can and come to your own conclusions.  If you choose to share them – that much the better:

Britons never, never, never will be slaves!!!

Congratulations, children of the Magna Carta!

You have chosen the difficult road of democracy rather than the rule of privileged, unelected elites!

May the rest of EU countries follow your example and rid themselves of these bureaucratic, uneleted and unaccountable overlords!!!


Black Pigeon speaks again on women and society

Report FBI stopped attack on FL Jewish center

Ace Lyons, a personal hero of mine, speaks the truth!

I have had the pleasure to meet Ace Lyons in person and he regaled me with war stories of himself and my uncle (in-law) – an uncle whom I respected most deeply.  And Ace Lyons is truly a giant among us!

The role of women in the destruction of the Western society

Last weekend, I was privileged to speak at the third annual Essentials of Freedom conference – and I do hope to have either the video or, in the least, the audio, of my speeches for you in the near future.

Yet this is not why I am raising this point.

This conference featured talks by both a feminist (Elsa Shieder) and an anti-feminist (Karen Straughan).  I actually really enjoyed Karen’s talk, because it was factual, well researched and reality based.  You can read the transcript of Karen’s speech here, but, here is just from the intro:

A lot of you who are familiar with this topic might think that feminism’s war against the nuclear family began in the 1960s with the second wave. Prominent writers, activists and thought leaders of that era certainly seemed to have quite the bone to pick with men, the nuclear family and the institution of marriage. 
Robin Morgan, Catherine McKinnon, Linda Gordon, Sheila Cronin, Andrea Dworkin, and others all viciously attacked marriage above and beyond any other foundational institution of society.
From Dworkin: “Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice.”
Gordon: “The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”
Cronin: “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.”
During a discussion period at the conference, one of the other speakers stood up and asserted that 98% of our civilization had been built by Christian men.
Predictably, the feminist and a few others in attendance went ballistic.
I also disagreed with the statement, but for a different reason than the progressives who had managed to infiltrate the bastion of libertarianism that Essentials of Freedom constitutes… and I chatted with the speaker, Milan, later in the day about his statement and why it was not accurate.  And, he admitted that I was correct…
So, what was my objection?
It was not the ‘men’ bit:  that is based in reality and arguing against demonstrable facts is not something I can be accused of doing often.  Rather, I objected to the term ‘Christian’.  It seems to me, 98% of our civilization was built by men from the Judeo-Christian tradition, not necessarily exclusively Christians.  Perhaps I should have tossed in a bit of the Greek roots for accuracy, but…
Yet I have not always held these views.  So, how come I do now?
I think I have to split the credit between two very intelligent men who have gone a long way towards setting me straight on this path.  CodeSlinger, for one, has been battering me with facts for years and it was a question he had asked me in frustration once that had led me to reconsider my opinions;  Vlad Tepes has completed my education on this topic.
Thank you, gentlemen!
Interestingly enough, CodeSlinger has just left this topical comment on one of my earlier posts:


When the United States was first constituted, it was left up to the states to determine who was eligible to vote. In most states, only property owners were eligible. In most states, that included women and free blacks, though a few states did limit the vote to white male property owners.

Now, however strongly cultural Marxism conditions us to react negatively to such ideas, let us not forget that white male property owners are precisely the people cultural Marxism exists to defeat.

So let us put prejudice aside and consider the matter on its merits.

If you want a well-run country, you want savvy voters. And if you want savvy voters, property owners are the people you seek.

Why? Because a fool and his money are soon separated.

If you’re savvy enough to raise the capital to buy some property, or savvy enough not to lose the property you inherited, then you’re savvy enough to vote.

In that regard, property owners of both sexes and all colours are effectively indistinguishable from each other.


John Lott and Lawrence Kenny have shown very clearly that that the real decline of America commenced about the same time as the 15th Amendment extended voting eligibility to women.

Specifically, in every state, they found the government growth curve to be a hockey-stick curve. And, in every state, the kink in the hockey stick happened exactly when women started voting.

The published paper is here: Lott Jr, John R, & Kenny, Lawrence W, 1999: How dramatically did women’s suffrage change the size and scope of government? Journal of Political Economy, 107(6):1163-1198.

Take a good look at figure 2 on page 1171 of the linked paper. It shows the per-capita size of government over a span of twenty years, centered on the time women started voting. For the first ten years, the size of governmnet remained roughly constant. Then women started voting. In the next ten years, the size of government doubled.

Recall that women who owned property were already eligible to vote, so the women who started voting at that time were mostly those who did not own property.

Bottom line: those who own property vote to limit government, and people who do not own property vote to make government bigger.

On a similar note, Vlad had recently sent me another video that explores the sexual dimorphism of our species, with particular emphasis on how male and female successful reproductive strategies differ from each other and how this necessarily leads to differing political strategies espoused by men and women:


Interesting thoughts, no?

What do YOU think?