Tommy Robinson – Enemy of the State

Thank you Valerie and Elsa:  you made the legal defense fund happen!!!


A most excellent rant by Sargon of Akkad on the Donald Trump situation

A bit long, but he makes some very excellent points:


UPDATE:  Just came across this video that seems relevant to the discussion:


Interestingly enough, my sister-in-law, who called me a racist and said I want the whole world for just white atheists and would kill everyone else if I could when I pointed out that even Amnesty International would not take Nelson Mandela’s case because he actually was guilty of terrorism and that his actions delayed the coming of racial equality in South Africa by decades – well, that sister-in-law also happens to be sporting a ‘Bernie’ sign on her front lawn…

Data-point validated!

Alexandra Belaire at the Essentials of Freedom conference in Edmonton, Canada, February 2016

Geert Wilders’ opening statement in court on thought and speech crimes charges


Did you catch that bit?  The one where the only judge who criticized publicly a former court decision in Geert’s favour is now one of the three judges he faces in this case?

And that does not even scratch the surface of the selective enforcement of the law when it comes to the prosecution…

The rule of law in Western Europe is done, gone, lost…  Let’s hope not for ever, but I’m not holding my breath!


EDIT:  CodeSlinger has made a most excellent comment which I would like to add into the text of this post in its entirety:


Geert Wilders deserves our utmost respect. He is a man of courage and integrity. He stands before a court that has the power to impose severe penalties on him, and he rebukes them:

“Freedom of speech is the only freedom I still have. And, forgive me, I will never give it up. So I stand here again. And I honestly think it is a disgrace that I have to stand here.”

And he is right. It is a disgrace.

However, the disgrace is not that the rule of law has broken down, but that it has become absolute.

The disgrace is that the law has broken free of all moral restraint and lost all contact with the ideas of right and wrong.

The disgrace is that the concept of crime has become divorced from the concept of sin.

Consequently, the law has become an instrument of oppression.

Ask a typical Westerner to define right and wrong, and you will get back definitions of legal and illegal. You will hear that rules of conduct are established by decree or consensus, and whatever is against the rules is wrong.

But this is exactly backwards. Right and wrong cannot be determined by decree or consensus.

Just as rights are inherent in our nature, so are wrongs.

A religious man would say these things are given by God.

But the crucial realisation is that these things are not given by man.

Once we lose sight of that truth, the perversion of the rule of law – as epitomized by the persecution of Geert Wilders – is inevitable.

But it is not limited to Europe. It is rampant everywhere in the West.

Indeed, CodeSlinger, indeed!

20,000 ‘isolated incidents’…

This is becoming very typical of what is happening in Europe – it makes me want to weep…

Is it too late to save Sweden?

Even some Swedish politicians are starting to admit that the rule of law in Sweden is breaking down.

The police admit to 53 no-go zones, where they dare not go and where Sharia rules supreme.

Yet, many Swedes are still not willing to face the reality of what they have unwittingly created by adhering to their multicultural dogma regardless of the reality on the ground.

Is it too late to save Sweden?

Is it too late to save Europe?

Is it too late to save any part of The West?

Clinton-Petreaus Double Standard


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