Book drive for kids ‘up North’

Imagine living in a world where the nearest library or bookstore is a plane-ride away!

It gives me nightmares, just thinking about it…  (I love books, I collect books, I like to touch books – I like just about everything about them…including acquiring them!)

If you live in or near Ontario, here is a chance to have some books delivered to kids who live in Northern communities so distant, the only way to reach them is to fly!

Ontario’s Lieutenant General (the figurehead which represents ‘The Crown’ in Ontario) is actually doing something useful:  he is putting on a book drive for these Northern kids!

Between now and Sunday, 21st of June 2009 (this is an annual thing – check his website for the drive’s date in future years if this post has become stale), drop new books for readers 14 and under at any OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) station.  If you are in the GTA area, you can also drop them off at the Toronto Police Stations.

They’ll take the books and fly them to Northern communities:  heavy things like books are very expensive to ship there, so most kids cannot afford to get many.  Also I am rather glad that this politician is using his budget towards something useful!

OK – I am sucker for these ‘feel good’ things, people helping people.  (Even if some are politicians!)  And I am a reader – life without books, to me, would be torture!

So, I am already plotting (pun intended) the books I’ll get:  personally, I’ll skip the baby ones and aim towards the higher end of the 14-year-old age bracket….get the mind working, imagination soaring, ideas brewing… FUN!

2 Responses to “Book drive for kids ‘up North’”

  1. jn Says:

    i invited an american who is interested in participating in the video conference. you are free to invite people as well. friday at 8:00 tonight is what i’m proposing, unless you wish to change the time or day. do you accept?

    Xanthippa says:

    ‘tonight’ at 8 pm will not work for me – am booked.

    Friday at 8 pm – just might work… I will confirm, and if it’ll be on, I’ll make a little post about it. Will you broadcast, or should I?

  2. jn Says:

    i meant “friday night”, not “friday tonight”. i will broadcast

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