Ezra Levant – Ottawa Citizen publishes Omar Khadr op-ed same day Cpl Nathan Cirillo buried


2 Responses to “Ezra Levant – Ottawa Citizen publishes Omar Khadr op-ed same day Cpl Nathan Cirillo buried”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    The editorial that Levant decries so vehemently is entitled “Khadr: Misguided security laws take a human toll” and it is a brilliant example of discrediting the truth by putting it in the mouth of a detestable person.

    Because this opinion is now associated with Omar Khadr, the average Canadian is now strongly motivated to disagree with it.

    The thing is… he’s right.

    Egregiously unjust laws like the Combating Terrorism Act have done more damage to liberty in Canada than a thousand traitors like Khadr could ever hope to do.

    And the only voice raised against it is… Omar Khadr, the traitor.

    How bloody ironic.

  2. peterodonnell Says:

    That analysis would presuppose that the editorial was planted by Harper forces to discredit their opponents. It seems more likely that it was yet another tone-deaf initiative of the progressive opposition both in terms of substance and timing. That does not alter the logic of your general statements about real threats to liberty. However, our problem is that we as conservatives know that Harper and company can only be half as bad as the alternatives waiting to apply maximum dosage of political correctness through a combined legal-cultural end game that will make Harper look like a rank amateur. All that is missing is the charismatic Obama-style vacant headed leader, behind whose enormous public persona the faceless hordes of revolution can advance … oh wait a minute … maybe not.

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