Happy ‘Draw Mohammed Day’!

From 2 years ago today:


What do Canadian Islamic leaders, texts and schools say about LGBT?

Migrant violence in Sweden: Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/20/17 | Fox News | February 20 2017 Full Show

Some highly relevant videos on the Louvre attack





Plus an Egyptian TV (Arabic with English sub-titles) analysis/interview with the Louvre attacker’s father:  The Vlad Tepes blog.

Honoring the 9/11 Victims by Protecting the Truth by Gad Saad

OK, I admit it freely – very emotional today.

Re-living that day and the fears I had for my babies then and there…

Short of words – let me let Gad Saad speak to it:

A Weapon of Mass Destruction Constructed inside a Wallmart

Words fail me:  it is so easy to make a WMD from source chemicals in most stores…

Yes, ‘inconvenient’ people have been charged (in the US) for possession of bomb-making material simply for having both bleach and ammonia in their homes, both legal and legitimate cleaning agents.

However, this one ‘takes the cake’:


How do I get off this planet?!?!?


Sam Harris discusses Islam, Orlando and the reaction from Trump, Clinton and Obama

We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control

Robert Spencer Moment: Why Ramadan Is Full of Jihad Terror

By now, you would have to follow only Western government run media like CBC and BBC to not know that the worst mass shooting in US history was perpetrated by a Muslim, waging holy jihad on the rest of us.  And not just any Muslim, but a Muslim who was born in the USA – but succored on anti-secular propaganda from his parents.

Better people than I have done a most excellent job of covering the event – so, I will not duplicate their work.  If you would like, here is just one of the many excellent blogs that have covered this tragic event.

Instead, I would like to bring you a video that explains why it is that during Ramadan, the holiest month of Islam, a marked increase in terrorist attacks is to be expected:

Two talks: one before and one after the Draw Mohammed Day


Just for the record:  there was one Mohammed picture that was not a print, but an original painting.  In fact, it had been part of the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland Texas.  It depicts Mohammed in the classical Marilyn Monroe pose to symbolize the harmoneous integration of Muslims into our Western society.