We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control

Robert Spencer Moment: Why Ramadan Is Full of Jihad Terror

By now, you would have to follow only Western government run media like CBC and BBC to not know that the worst mass shooting in US history was perpetrated by a Muslim, waging holy jihad on the rest of us.  And not just any Muslim, but a Muslim who was born in the USA – but succored on anti-secular propaganda from his parents.

Better people than I have done a most excellent job of covering the event – so, I will not duplicate their work.  If you would like, here is just one of the many excellent blogs that have covered this tragic event.

Instead, I would like to bring you a video that explains why it is that during Ramadan, the holiest month of Islam, a marked increase in terrorist attacks is to be expected:

Two talks: one before and one after the Draw Mohammed Day


Just for the record:  there was one Mohammed picture that was not a print, but an original painting.  In fact, it had been part of the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland Texas.  It depicts Mohammed in the classical Marilyn Monroe pose to symbolize the harmoneous integration of Muslims into our Western society.

Four Orthodox Churches burned down on Orthodox Easter

Let’s count them and see…

Manhattan:  this happens to be a historic Serbian Orthodox Church.  Looking back in history, unless I am mistaken, the Serbs rose up in an uprising against the Ottomans rule on Orthodox Easter back in 1815.  And we do know how Muslim Terrorists fetishize ‘significant dates’…

Let’s go down under for the next two:  an Orthodox Greek one and a Macedonian one

Last, but not least, there’s one in Russia.

Is this a fluke co-incidence?

I think not…

The terrorists among us are literally burning down churches in our countries, and we still worry about ‘Islamophobia’?!?!?

Let’s call a spade a spade:  Islam is a totalitarian, supremacist ideology that preaches violence and terror and must be stopped in all its forms.  It is not possible to be familiar with Islam’s core texts, the Koran and the Sayings and Life of Mohammed, still call oneself a Muslim – and be a good human being at the same time.

All three are not possible at once!!!

It is time we stopped being afraid to say so.

H/T:  Vlad Tepes (a lot more to be found there)





Report FBI stopped attack on FL Jewish center

Tommy Robinson – Enemy of the State

Thank you Valerie and Elsa:  you made the legal defense fund happen!!!


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