Translation: Czech President Zeman speaks in Slovakia (excerpt)

This is my most imperfect translation of a part of Czech’s President’s today speech in Slovakia:

We are not xenophobic, 5% of the Czech population are foreigners who have integrated into our society.
But, when it comes to the word ‘migration’, we forget one adjective, and that is ‘Islamic migration’.  Political correctness, my friends, is a synonym, if you will, for leaving the truth unspoken.  Islamic migration is not possible to be integrated and it cannot be assimilated into European culture.  I will give just one example.
Social democracy has, through all of its history, fought for the rights of women, including voting rights for women.  Islamic migration means a culture in which Sura 4 of the Koran, a man has the right to beat his wife.  Perhaps some men might be intrigued by this idea, but I hope that the majority will not be.  Islamic civilization means that women are denied access to education and public office.  Islamic civilization means that the testimony of a woman in court has half the value of a man’s, and thus I could go on and on.
The only way to solve the migrant crisis is the deportation of economic migrants and those who preach religious violence, religious hatred, in sort, who are preparing terrorist acts.  The Swedish prime minister, following the murder of a twenty-year-old social worker by an Islamic migrant, announced that they will deport 80,000 migrants.   And you know very well that Sweden that Sweden had once had such a liberal immigration policy that it neared suicide.  Luckily, at the last moment, this suicide was averted.
The European Union – and I am a supporter of it – has been a whole-scale failure in resolving the migration politics. They were not ready for it, and when the migration wave came, it wasted endless amounts of time in prattling, which it nobly called discussions.  Boasts that really, we should welcome this migration, because we don’t have a sufficient labour force.  Well, perhaps they had not read that the average unemployment in the EU is at 11%… but clearly, an Eritrean cybernetics scientists would substantially raise the quality of the European workforce, so this argument evidently falls apart.  And let’s not lie to ourselves that there are no jihadists among the migrants.  They can create so called sleeper cells, preparing terrorist actions like the recent ones in Paris.
And my last remark on migration , and now I will be repeating something that Robert [Fico] had said.  If the European Union cannot secure its outer borders, which is the first and most basic duty of every State, then it has no right to think up non-sensical relocation and quota mechanisms which not only violate the sovereignity of its member states, but it also fails to solve the problem.  It just pushes it further down, and thus creates a new class of nomads, that is, of migrants lumbering through the European states and ending, with iron-clad certainty, in Germany – because that is where the social benefits are the highest.
Angela Merkel had once invited Syrians to come to Germany.  Since then, all the migrants are ‘Syrians’. They have false passports – and sometimes not even that.  If you had seen the movie ‘Four Murders Are Enough, Darling’:  “All of us are Gogo!” [quote from the comedy movie blatantly claiming a fake identity of one person for each and every member an invading force in order to placate an unbelievably gullible landlady].  Similarly [goes the claim], “all of us are Syrians!”.  And now, Germany has problems which it has caused itself, through its ill-considered migration policy.  Thus, it is not enough to just protect one’s own borders: this is a necessary, but not sufficient condition.
It is necessary to deport those who came here not fleeing a civil war, but as economic migrants who had never intended to work here, but want to live only and exclusively off of social benefits, which had, in fact, already been a bit different category of people who are sometimes called mal-adapted – but why grow this category?
So, in closing, social democracy should defend national interests, it should protect the historical roots of not just itself, but of the European culture, and to realize that this culture is incompatible with a culture of hate towards unbelievers, with a culture based on trying to subjugate all these unbelievers and turn them into slaves – and in this I am quoting a holy scripture, but not an evangelical [Christian] one.  After all, even in Paris, the murderers did not scream “Praised be Jesus Christ!”, they screamed “Allahu Akbar!”

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