Beat up Jews – no jail time. Talk on a train – 20 months in jail.

For a society to thrive, all citizens must be equal before the laws.

Justice must be done – and must be seen to be done.  Otherwise, the society will tear itself apart…because identity politics reduces people to members in a group, not to individuals who are responsible for their own actions, and only their own actions.

So, when a man is jailed for non-threatening speech while a violent thug who beats people up so badly, they need treatment in a hospital goes free, it is the very foundations of our society which are being undermined!

France: I resent you for making me defend the rights of a bigot to spew his garbage

Freedom of speech is, and must remain absolute, in our Western culture.


Because it is the foundation on which our culture is built!

Sure, other cultures are not – but giving in to them and limiting free speech in our society…in no uncertain terms, this undermines the very premise without which our Western culture will wither and die.

All this means that the more we disagree with something someone says, the more vigorously we must defend his/her right to say it unmolested.

Sure, individuals may choose not to associate with them based on their views:  but governments must not be permitted to censor speech, no matter how dispicable.

I hate anti-Semites.  Deeply and thoroughly – even when they masquerade as ‘anti-Zionists!!!

Which is why it pains me so much that France,  by arresting him for ‘speech’, is forcing me to stand up for and defend the right to free speech of a vile anti-Semite, Dieudonne.

As in, the father of the Quenelle.

Had France (and other countries) not criminalized gestures, symbols or questioning of the Nazi regime and it toll on humanity, people like Dieudonne would not be martyrs and political prisoners – they would just be loosers that are easily dismissed as their nonsense can be countered with actual evidence!

But no, France has to go arrest him for nothing more than speech:  making him as much of a Martyr as the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who gave their lives for our freedoms to criticize that overinflated nonsense called ‘faith’.

That makes me very, very, very angry!

Freedom of speech is for everyone – and must remain so.

It is difficult to stand up for vile vipers like Dieudonne….but, if we don’t, we will be setting up a precedent which will, eventually, muzzle us all!

Let’s hope that day never comes.  Which is why even vipers like Dieudonne must be granted freedom of speech!

‘Atlas Shrugs’ under DDoS attatck

From my inbox today:

Atlas Shrugs subscribers did not receive their free daily newsletter today because the website has been under a massive DDoS attack. Our Islamic Jew hatred ads in San Francisco have gotten huge national and international press. In addition, our free speech rally this weekend countering the “Stand with the Prophet” anti-free speech.
“Islamophobia” summit in Garland, Texas has roiled the enemies of truth and freedom. They are out for blood.

The DDoS meltdown is huge. There is no end in sight. Please be patient. I am working furiously to move and get back online.The costs associated with the move, the server, the IT expertise are staggering. I need your help. If you believe that Atlas Shrugs must survive,contribute here.
The website reaches close to 100,000 readers a day.
We need to get the message out and cover the news the media won’t cover. Especially now when the jihad is raging.
I need your help to continue the work.
The above banner is the new look I created for Pamela Geller’s, Atlas Shrugs.
Here’s how we are impacting/changing the national and international conversation:

San Francisco: Outrage as anti-Islam ads linking Muslims to Nazis appear on 

International Business Times UK – ‎22 hours ago‎
AFDI’s founder Pamela Geller told IBTimes UK that the aim of the ads is to “raise awareness of the nature and magnitude of Islamic anti-Semitism, and marshal opposition to aid for Muslim countries that act against human rights.” Geller explained that she does …

San Francisco bus ads liken Islam to Nazism

The Times of Israel – ‎11 hours ago‎
The anti-Islam group led by Pamela Geller is running advertisements on San Francisco public buses comparing the religion to Nazism. The ads, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, feature photos of Adolf Hitler and 20th-century …

Ad campaign on San Francisco buses likens Islam to Nazism

St. Louis Jewish Light – ‎21 hours ago‎
(JTA) — The anti-Islam group led by Pamela Geller is running advertisements on San Francisco public buses comparing the religion to Nazism. The ads, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, features photos of Adolf Hitler and 20th-century …

Pam Geller Group Launches New Anti-Islam Ad Blitz After Paris Terror Attacks

Jewish Daily Forward – ‎21 hours ago‎
The anti-Islam group led by Pamela Geller is running advertisements on San Francisco public buses comparing the religion to Nazism. The ads, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, features photos of Adolf Hitler and 20th-century …

Anti-Islam group’s ads on San Francisco buses compare Muslims to Hitler

Raw Story – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎
Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Houston-based founder, Pamela Geller, was using the ads to stir up attention and raise money. The Council on American-Islamic …

Outcry in San Francisco over anti-Muslim Nazi adverts protected by freedom of 

The Independent – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎
In an email, its president, Pam Geller, told The Independent: “Jew-hatred is growing increasingly open, aggressive and virulent. Yet our government, law enforcement and media are completely in denial about this problem. My ads are designed to call attention …

Ads Equating Islam With Nazism Appear On Public Buses in San Francisco

Sputnik International – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎
As many as 50 San Francisco buses now feature controversial ads equating Islam with Nazism and showing an image of Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini, a 20th Century Palestinian Muslim leader who opposed Zionism, with the words, “Islamic …

Islamophobic Hitler ads appear on San Francisco buses

RT – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, described the ads as equating Islam with Nazism. Pamela Geller, founder of the AFDI, told Reuters she had been working on the San Francisco ads since last spring. “It’s the only way to leapfrog over …

Anti-Islam group buys ads on San Francisco buses

Updated News – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎
Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Houston-based founder, Pamela Geller, was using the ads to stir up attention and raise money. The Council on American-Islamic …

Anti-Islamist Ads Go Up in SF

Breitbart News – ‎Jan 15, 2015‎
Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative has launched another volley of banners around San Francisco targeting Islamists, this time showing a photo of a meeting between Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Muft of Jerusalem who …

“Knowledge starts as offendedness”: Jonathan Rauch on Free Speech

From our friends at FIRE:

Guest Post by BeaverMoose: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ march in Toronto January 11, 2015

This is a guest post by BeaverMoose:

Attendance wasn’t bad at Toronto’s ‘Charlie Hebdo March’ that started at  New City Hall at 2 pm on Sunday, January 11, 2015:  there were slightly more than 2,000 people in the crowd, about ten percent of the Montreal march’s turnout of 25,000 held the same day.

A marcher explained to me, ‘That’s understandable that Montreal had more attendance. They read Charlie Hebdo and identify more with Paris than Toronto does.’

On short notice, 2,000 wasn’t bad for a march organized in Toronto concerned about free speech in France.  I happened to see a notice about the march on TV and showed up to find about 2,000 people with king-sized, hand-made cardboard ‘pencils’, French, Iranian and Ukrainian flags, a hundred ‘je suis Charlie’ posters.  Many held up home-written posters and slogans in different languages, Dutch, Danish, Iranian and English.

About fifty expat Iranians held large ‘je suis Charlie’ signs in written in French and Arabic script, along with free speech detainees persecuted in Iran.  They described how no freedom of expression whatever is allowed in Islamic Iran.

A Dutchman wearing wooden shoes marched next to a Frenchman holding a hockey stick with a French flag on it.

A woman with a paint brush agreed that artists seem to understand the critical importance of free expression more than people in other lines of work.  ‘As early as I remember,’ she admitted, ‘I was getting in trouble for drawing caricatures, usually of my teachers.’

Another person chimed in: ‘Artists have to maintain a ‘screw-you’ attitude – otherwise, they can’t be much of an artist.’

I agreed.

After speeches about freedom at Toronto’s New City Hall were finished, the crowd marched half a kilometre to Dundas Square, up Toronto’s main street, while chanting ‘Charlie…Charlie…’ and ‘liberté…d’expression’.

Muslims on the street averted their gaze, while a seller of ‘halal’ poutine looked on nervously while muttering prayers to seek refuge from those who were demanding free speech.

There was also a man who wore a sign on his hat that said, ‘I am a Muslim but I am human first.’

I walked up to him and smiled before asking his point of view. He said he doesn’t agree with terrorism. I asked him:  ‘Do you think I am a kafir? ‘ (i.e. a troublesome disbeliever) ‘No, you must do something bad to be a kafir,’ he responded.

Were the Charlie Hebdo artists kafirs? ‘No, I do not think so,’ he said.

Did he disagree with Sharia law about blasphemy? ‘I do not think we should kill people who write something.’

‘But,’ I said, ‘If you do not follow Sharia law, you have left Islam…can you convince the mullahs at Al Azhar University that you are right and they are wrong?’  He replied, ‘No, I do not think I can do that.’  In other words, nice Muslims like this man, realize he cannot change Islamic law.
The Toronto ‘Charlie Hebdo’ march was attended by people who understand that freedom is not free.

Unfortunately, freedom isn’t secure once for all when there are Islamic terrorists who are trying so hard to take it away. I really thought that after the attack on our national Parliament Buildings, Toronto would have had more marchers.  Canadians will need to see they are the ones who must pay for our freedom by getting out of their comfortable chairs and marching for it. Our battle is against those who claim their right not to be criticized is more important than our right to speak out against misogyny and supremacism.

This is my moment to speak to those who did not attend. Canadians, it’s YOUR freedom we marched for today. How important is freedom to you? What has to happen to us Canadians before we realize how precious our freedom is?  Let’s not wait until something worse happens.

So let’s keep marching for freedom (more next time, please).  The Islamic terrorists won’t stop their marching, their bombing and their shooting until they realize that we love freedom more than they love death!

They won’t stop until they realize their actions are completely futile. Rather than give in to them, we have to rally against them and tell our politicians ‘OUR FREEDOM IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!’


Earlier, I wrote about Eric Brazeau’s upcoming trial and I said he had already served more time in jail than was possible for the ‘crime’ he had committed.

I was wrong!

I did not expect the judge would not only sentence him to double what the prosecution was seeking, but also that the judge would not apply the usual 2.5 to 1 credit for time served pre-trial, as is customary in Canada…

Oh, how naive I feel…

So, let me be the first to say:



One of the most distrusted professions in Canada is ‘lawyers’.

The other one is ‘politicians’.

Yet our judges are ‘patronage appointments’ of lawyers by their politician buddies.

Ever wonder what is wrong with our judicial system?

Me too!!!

I just can’t put my finger on it….

I think I’ll just leave this here:
Oh, and if you thought that depicting Muhammad whom Muslims consider to be a prophet is forbidden by Islam, here are some ACTUAL PORTRAITS OF MUHAMMAD – with his face shown – FROM ISLAMIC SOURCES!!!

Like this:

Go to ‘Jesus and Mo’ for this hi-res image so you can make yourself a t-shirt:

And while I’m at it:  here are some more cartoons!

And in case you are musically inclined, here is a little tune for you:
And yes – I am picking on Islam because it was Islam’s idiot followers who committed the latest set of atrocities.
and this is a big, huge BUT!
As Steven Pinker has documented, most murders in the world do not occur out of greed or malice:  rather, they occur out of “morality”.
Yes, “morality”.
Not actual morality, but perceived morality:  the murdered believed that the person whom s/he murdered had acted immorally and therefore that the killing was justified.
So, yes, I am picking on Islam  – this time!
Note:  post was edited to fix broken links.

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