Free Tommy Robinson rally, Ottawa, 9th of June, 2018 part 1

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I Am Tommy Robinson Rally – June 01, 2018, Ottawa

Guest post by NorseRadish: Election Reflections

Election Reflections

—Notes from NorseRadish—

Or: How the Democratic Party Machine Elected Trump


Over eight years ago, few people were willing to accept my (seemingly counter-intuitive) insistence that the most vigorous campaigners for Obama’s 2008 election as this nation’s President were Bush 2.0 and John McCain.

From the outset of that year’s presidential election cycle, Bush’s abject failure to sense (much less avoid) conflicts of interest—which he was unable to identify, even when they bit him on the neck—thoroughly neutralized his projected “aw-shucks” image of a cowboy-hat-wearing, pork-rind-eating, broccoli-hating, down-to-earth Texan. None of this was helped by the dichotomy of a Yale graduate who persisted in making the sort of embarrassing linguistic gaffes one might normally associate with Professor William Archibald Spooner.

Equally catastrophic to that year’s Republican Party hopes were perceptions gathered by two or three generations of young voters, few of whom could either conceive of McCain’s truly admirable Vietnam Conflict-era sacrifices (e.g., intentionally declining early release from a Viet Cong prisoner-of-war camp), nor realize just how incredibly damaging it was for him to admit (in the face of an emailing, Blackberry-addict, Social Media fluent, glib-tongued huckster) his total lack of understanding about how email and the internet worked. McCain’s message may as well have been, “Elect your Grandpa!!!”

Faced with a smooth and tech-savvy Democratic Party nominee—whom many Liberals extolled as nothing less than the second-coming of Jimmy Hendrix—this disastrous combination of Bush 2.0’s radioactive political legacy and McCain’s high-tech ineptitude rendered both of them as nothing other than walking billboards for (what should otherwise have been) an otherwise intensely vulnerable and thoroughly unproven opponent.

Nevertheless, this totally inexperienced, anti-American, Black Liberation Theology dilettante of questionable birthright managed—despite being an actual mulatto—to play the Negro Race Card with all the finesse of a slum-dwelling, street corner, three-card-molly-playing con artist. Few, if any, ever even managed to twig on the fact that this supremely coddled, pretentious Ivy League wanker was summoning forth some of the most racist and discriminatory codicils of Jim Crow doctrine (i.e., the “One Drop” rule) in order to label himself as being authentically “Black”.

For the better part of a decade—not only did this consummate partisan charlatan bow before (and bare our nation’s collective neck to) its very worst ideological enemies—he also managed to erode the political and racial fabric of America in ways which will require, not just time, but a degree of labour-intensive reconciliation that will always be awkward for those who didn’t instigate the initial transgression.

Fast forward to November 2016:

Much like my counter-intuitive assessment of 2008’s campaign influences, this year’s election cycle saw President-elect, Donald Trump, propelled into office by none other than Barack Hussein 0bama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The only significant difference being that it was candidate Hillary’s political legacy which glowed with gamma ray radioactivity, whilst 0bama merely exuded the sort of command-level incompetence normally associated with Gomer Pyle.

Below is a laundry list of the Democratic Party’s preposterous blunders—any one of which could have been fatal. When taken in combination, they assume almost unimaginably toxic proportions.

Nominating a deeply flawed candidate like Hillary

With more accumulated political baggage than Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon combined, the notion that gender bias (akin to the racial bias that helped carry 0bama to victory) would, somehow, sweep Hillary into the Oval Office amounted to fantasy-level statistical projection. Subsequent demographic analysis showed that Hillary received a meager one percent more votes than 0bama did from women voters. All of which goes to show that having a vagina is not a presidential qualification.

Institutionalized persecution of political dissenters

Using the Internal Revenue Service as part of enacting a partisan witch-hunt represents such an abuse of power that it could only sharpen all further election-year sensitivity to any other sort of foul play. Preexisting public mistrust (if not outright hatred) for the IRS only served to further heighten accompanying outrage and perception of wrongdoing. This tainted the White House in ways that only reduced its ability to sway public opinion in favor of an already unpopular Hillary.

Not once but TWICE derailing legitimate FBI investigations of an already favored candidate

Director James Comey could not possibly have ignored how preposterous it would appear to open a second investigation into Hillary Clinton right before Election Day and then—just as promptly—quash it, citing lack of evidence. This is especially so when a federal Judge balks at [a] five-year timeline for release of Clinton emails. U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg (nominated by 0bama) stated how he was “not satisfied with saying, ‘Fine, go ahead and take five years to do this,'”. Yet, magically, Comey’s investigators reviewed some 650,000 emails in just a few days’ time.

Through demonizing Conservatives the Democratic Party poisoned its own ability to gather accurate polling data

Whether it was demonizing Trump himself or lumping together his supporters in a “basket of deplorables”, Hillary and the Democratic Party both alienated many undecided voters—or Bernie Sanders fans—and infuriated America’s Republican base in ways that probably galvanized even reluctant Conservatives. As an aside, there were likely a large number of hesitant voters that were activated by the insane spectacle of “Never Trump” Republicans essentially propelling Hillary Clinton’s campaign numbers. However, far more damaging was how the media effectively forced people (afraid of censure) to avoid revealing their true voting intentions to pollsters. This allowed the press to “breathe its own exhaust” (less politely termed: “sucking its own butt”). All of which resulted in one of the most unexpected underdog wins since Truman and Dewey.

Externalizing Hillary’s popularity with Hollywood stars cost her own (already negligible) charisma

Videos like the uproarious, “Thank you Famous Actors“, were an expectable response to the smarmy and condescending tone so often encountered when our supposed (celebrity) betters sought to lecture us on how to make the right political decisions. Even Trump’s most pompous rantings imbued him with a human touch that went missing every time Hillary stepped in front of a microphone. Her wooden personality, nagging voice, and total lack of a life outside of politics suffused her with all the appeal of a proctology exam.

Anti-White mentality encouraged by present administration harmed both candidates

The constant torrent of anti-White message spewing forth from the White House and Justice department damaged the minority appeal of both candidates. However, Hillary’s blend of condescension and her soft bigotry of lowered expectations worked against her to an extent that Trump’s own flagrant missteps could not hope to surpass. This is revealed in Ezra Levant’s superb video about how, “Blacks, women, Hispanics voted for “racist, sexist” Trump“. Once again, 0bama was one of Trump’s most vigorous campaigners.

Clinton was unable to survive a descent into demonization (as in: too many of her own demons)

The storm of media-based demonizing that perpetually swirled around Trump probably allowed Hillary to delude herself with a sense of invulnerability. All by itself, her own arrogance certainly would have created such a psychological carapace. Be that as it may, a serious deficit in personal warmth and likeability slowly revealed Hillary as an imperious scold whose ability to attract popular sympathy rapidly declined into negative numbers. No amount of deliberate media-bias could conceal her obvious disdain for the common voter.

Concealment of health issues magnified an already damaging reputation for dishonesty

The above-mentioned deceit vis a vis her public and private personae, received even greater scrutiny once serious issues surfaced regarding Hillary’s personal health. There emerged a mottled aura of physical and mental ill-health that only served to highlight her already objectionable behavior. This was augmented by revelations from previous Secret Service details about Hillary’s profanity-laced, abusive treatment of staff in general.

A surfeit of questionable acts long prior to the presidential campaign

Be it Whitewater real estate deals, near-continuous issues of marital infidelity, the supposed “suicide” of Hillary-aid, Vince Foster“, the more recent Benghazi attack or her (totally illegal) private email servers, like used toilet paper stuck to her heel, allegations of (serious) impropriety trailed Hillary and Bill wherever they went. See: “From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer“. Far more shocking is the stack of corpses that have piled up around these two over the course of their political careers. See: “The Clinton Body Count” (scroll down to mid-page). Cohabiting with a serial killer appears to be less dangerous than befriending the Clintons.

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

Voluntary admission of differing public and private personae too at odds with Trump’s (however erratic) candor

The unsteadiness of Hillary’s already tottering reputation was exacerbated by revelations of her own duplicitous self-portrayal. From: “Hillary Admits Public Persona ‘Is Fake’ In Leaked Wall Street Speech

“If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least, … So, you need both a public and a private position.”

The valuable role that Wikileaks played in counterbalancing Hillary’s numerous and deliberate efforts to evade accountability (especially with respect to Freedom of Information Act requests) cannot be overstated. Julian Assange’s otherwise questionable breaches of America’s national security took on an aspect of heroic proportions that could only be made possible when contrasted with the Clinton crime family. For a last sampling of how extensive Bill and Hillary’s corruption continues to be, please read, “Clinton Foundation: Inurement“. From: The Inurement Prohibition & Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are subject to what is known as the nondistribution constraint. Simply stated, this means that non-profit organizations cannot distribute profits to those who control it. The nondistribution constraint is the fundamental distinction between non-profit organizations from for-profit organizations.

In the Internal Revenue Code, the nondistribution constraint is embodied in the prohibition against inurement. “Inurement” is an arcane term for “benefit.” The inurement prohibition forbids the use of the income or assets of a tax-exempt organization to directly or indirectly unduly benefit an individual or other person that has a close relationship with the organization or is able to exercise significant control over the organization.

Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Donald Trump, his victory represents one of America’s most narrow misses in terms of installing a well-developed criminal enterprise in this nation’s chief executive office.

The final question has been answered and now can be met with a sense of relief. A Juan Williams asked, “Indicted as president … impeached as president?” Regardless of personal admiration or animosity towards Trump, that we have no need to ask such a deeply disturbing question is something which America, as a nation, can only be immensely thankful for.

Donald Trump and the ridiculous claims of ‘anti-Semitism’

What he said:



Czech Prime Minister tells Merkel ‘NO’ to migrants and quotas, the next day, his government starts looking for a contractor to look after 6,000 refugees for 3 years

Politicians lie.

We all know this.

Yet, there is a difference between ‘bending the truth’ and ‘not living up to unrealistic promises’ and a 180 degree reversal in, oh, a day or so.

OK, let me paint the background.

A year ago today, the German government, lead by Chancellor Angela Merkel, sent out a tweet saying (in German):

“The #Dublin procedure for Syrian citizens is at this point in time effectively no longer being adhered to”

In other words:  come to Germany, the rule of law no longer applies to illegal migrants…  All are welcome, all will be let in and given extremely generous handouts.

This tweet was, understandably, the trigger for the tsunami of migrants coming to Germany.  All of them claim to be ‘Syrians’ – even though the vast majority of them are not.  But, they had destroyed all their documents and, in Germany, innocence/truthfulness is presumed until found guilty/proven fraudulent…which is extremely difficult to do with people with no documentation whatsoever.

Soon, Germany began to be inundated by so many mostly military-age, male, Muslim migrants that its infrastructure began to fail.  And the criminality – especially sexual attacks and property damage/theft went through the roof.

Unable to cope with this influx of migrants who do not respect the ‘law of man’ – but only the ‘law of Allah’ = the Shariah, Germany swiftly switched its position as THE ONLY country that invited both refugees from war AND illegal migrants (its laws deny Germany the right to differentiate between true refugees and opportunistic migrants) to the position that all EU nations must take in their ‘fare share’ of migrants who are unwilling to assimilate nor are they willing (or able, education wise) to work.

As if ‘Germany invites them, everybody else must take care of them’ were somehow ‘fair’.

But, there is reasoning behind this madness.

Yes, I said ‘reasoning’ – not ‘reason’.

Because this ‘reasoning’ is anything but ‘reasonable’.

To understand it, we must look to the EU and the philosophy that underlines it.

In no uncertain terms, the EU is, in anything but name, the Fourth Reich.  The significant difference between the Third Reich and the Fourth one is that the Third Reich was nationalistic.  The Fourth Reich in ‘internationalistic’.

The Third Reich used violence to subjugate other European nations, while the Fourth Reich uses promises of trade deals to subjugate the rest of Europe into vassal states.  The means are different, but the result is the same.

Its founders truly believe that the lesson to be learnt from the Third Reich and the Second World War is not that totalitarianism is bad, but that nationalism is.  These naive geniuses truly and honestly believe that if they could erase national diversity in Europe, they would effectively prevent all the wars in the whole world.  Because European nationalism is the cause of all evil in the world and nothing can stand up against it…

Aside from being extremely egocentric and supremacist of these elites (something they are blind to), it misses the point that the healthy competition between European nation states is what had ushered in the unprecedented age of prosperity we are living in now.  And that destroying it would prevent the healthy growth of our civilization instead leading to stagnation and corruption.

Or, perhaps they DO get it – but want to bring our Western European/North American civilization back down to the same lowest denominator as the countries with the lowest level of civilization live under.  Which is the stated goal of the United Nations.  But, that is a different rant…

Actually, I do believe this second option is the true motivator for the elites’ sabotage of our Euro-American culture:  they think they can isolate themselves in luxury and security and want the rest of the world’s cultures to be homogenized, bringing everyone to the lowest common cultural denominator – and thus eliminating ‘inequality’.


But, I digress.

Two days ago, the Czech Prime Minister – in a speech – said in no equivocal terms, that he does not want a strong Muslim minority in the Czech Republic.

One day ago, he had repeated the same message to the visiting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Merkel’s visit to Prague was seen as a provocation by many citizens and, indeed, they turned up in huge numbers to show their dissatisfaction with her migrant policies.  It was, perhaps, the very first time Frau Merkel had faced such massive demonstrations against her and her policies.

And, it seemed, the politicians were on board with the citizenry – as they should be.

President Zeman told Ms. Merkel, in no uncertain terms, that it is unfair and unacceptable of Germany to invite the migrant tsunami and then to shift the responsibility for looking after the migrants to all EU nations.

Similarly, the Prime Minister of Czech, Sobotka, delivered speeches on both Wednesday and Thursday, refusing any migrant quotas and stating that he did not want a strong Muslim minority (community) in the Czech Republic.

No sooner had Ms. Merkel left the country than…

…the Czech Ministry of the Interior had put our an RFP for a general cotractor tp provide housing and integration services for 6,000 migrants for the next 3 years.

While I’ve been writing this post up – with the aim to produce background and then translate the original article fro the Czech Website Parlamentni Listy, the story I wanted to both link to and translate has been disappeared.

Insert the most vile curses of your choice here – PLEASE!!!

Now I cannot document my claim – because I took too long to give the background and archive the link itself.

Please, do insert even more vile curses here!!!

I am reporting the truth!

More vile curses, please!

I am not lying – the article was published, by Parlamentni Listy, and was available just a few hours ago – but has vanished since.

If I can hunt the link down, I will update.  In the meantime, my dear readers, I would like to call on you for help:  if you can find any article/news story confirming this, before they get lost into  ‘memory holes’, please, help me and post the link in the comments.

Thank you!




“The Democratic Party is the Party of the KKK!”

What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti

Swedish Women are to BLAME for Migrant Sex ATTACKS (say Police)

Klara Samkova in Czech Parliament: Should We Fear Islam?

It is interesting that we don’t hear our politicians speak like this, is it not?


Aside:  it took me two days to translate, because even though I had the text and two other translations to work from, she wanders off the script and the arguments were not in the pre-prepared official text.  And the audio is terrible, especially when people are talking over each other.

I raise this point because I found it extremely interesting that after the Turkish Ambassador and some other notable guests had walked out in protest against what JuDr. Klara Samkova was saying, the moderator DID shut her down.

And he said that what she was saying is beyond ‘opinion’ and is, rather, ‘propaganda’.

Even though she has facts to back up everything she says…

Had it not been for the strong push-back from the audience, that brave lady standing up to the moderator and demanding to know who made him the authority to decide on what is or is not propaganda, she would not have been able to finish her speech.

She would also not have been permitted to finish had the other panelists convinced the moderator that if she were not permitted to deliver the rest of her speech, it would appear to be censorship and would be bad optics…

Even so, she was instructed to tone down her rhetoric before continuing – and, indeed, she did do that.  Which is when she frequently deviated from the official text…

So, this is what passes for governance in the EU