‘THE NICIES’: NO, NO, NO Islamophobia. Meditation. Staying Positive.

I hope that ‘The Nicies’ will have more episodes to come on the ‘This is Not Reality Show’


Ezra Levant: gets a Free Speech award on the weekend, goes to court on Monday to defend himself for exercising it!

In Ezra’s own words:

And in his own words from an email his supporters receive:

Dear [name redacted],
After two delays, my week-long free speech trial finally starts tomorrow in Toronto. You were kind enough to contribute to my legal defence fund. Thanks to you, I feel like I’m well equipped with an excellent lawyer. I appreciate that.
You may remember that the person suing me is Khurrum Awan. He’s the former youth leader of the Canadian Islamic Congress, the same guy who went after Mark Steyn at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. In fact, he’s suing me for my critical comments about him at Steyn’s trial.
So this is the next battle in that same war.
The trial is expected to go till Friday. If you’re in the Toronto area this week, I’d love it if you could stop by the court house – seventh floor, 393 University Avenue. I hear Mark Steyn might even be there himself!
I wanted to tell your contribution didn’t just help me financially, it’s an enormous morale boost, too. To know that so many Canadians care about freedom of speech, and want me to stand up to these bullies, gives me great confidence.
The whole point of Islamic lawfare is to exhaust their target”. In fact, even though Mark Steyn technically “won” his case in B.C., Awan still boasted afterwards that “we attained our strategic objective — to increase the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.”
He admits that lawfare is his official strategy. So I’m so glad you’ve helped cover my costs.
Since this lawsuit deals with events that happened before I joined the Sun News Network, the Sun’s lawyers aren’t helping me. I’m on my own – but you’ve made sure I’m not alone. 
If you can’t come to the court house, you can still keep up with the trial on my website, www.StandWithEzra.ca. We’ll give you a brief daily update and post links to any press coverage.
Thanks again for your help. And if you know anyone else who might want to join our fight for freedom please ask them to visit www.StandWithEzra.ca too.
Yours gratefully,
Ezra Levant
P.S. Thanks again. Now let’s go win this thing!

EU court rules linking does not infringe copyright

While most of us would, I hope, consider this common sense, it is nonetheless nice to have the EU courts confirm it.

This is important because the EU has some of the strongest copyright protection laws, which give authors a great deal of control over their published work.

‘The court had to consider whether by providing links Retriever Sverige had taken part in an “act of communication to the public”. Under EU copyright law, authors have the exclusive right to authorise or prohibit any communication to the public of their works.

The court ruled that the law had not been broken because the articles in question were on Goteborgs-Posten’s website and therefore already “freely available”.

In a statement it said: “The owner of a website may, without the authorisation of the copyright holders, redirect internet users, via hyperlinks, to protected works available on a freely accessible basis on another site.” ‘


A link that would take you behind a pay-wall, that is a different thing…

However, this ruling parallels the victory Connie and Mark Fournier of  the now censored Free Dominion had won in Canada’s federal court over Richard Warman, who claimed they had infringed his copyright by linking to an image on his own website.  In this particular case, the judge ruled that Warman had complete editorial control over his image and that linking to it, even should a thumbnail be displayed, did not constitute re-publishing it without permission.

Ezra Levant & David Harris – Sugar-coating Islamic terrorism

This is quite distressing.

We have seen the purging of essential information from police and military training manuals in the US, but at least up here, in Canada, we have a Prime Minister who is not afraid to say out loud that the greatest threat to Canada’s security is Islamic terrorism.

Yet, we are seeing this same linguistic purging going on in CSIS?!?!?

This is not good, not good at all.

When political correctness trumps public safety, we are all …….’d!

Having said this, I am not surprised.

Over the years, I have interacted with a large number of high level civil servants – and not only do I speak their language, I am very, very familiar with their thought patterns and behaviours.  For example, when Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was firs elected, I heard conversations among the highest echelons of the civil service on how best to circumvent the government’s will, how to intentionally introduce flaws into programs they are ordered by the government to implement so as to make the elected officials look foolish, and so on.  (The mandarins did not know I was not on their team….)

Which is why, whenever someone raises the issue of term limits of elected officials, I suggest that we create term limits for how long an individual may serve in the civil service, regardless of the level.  After all, inexperienced elected officials and VERY experienced apartchicks does not a good governance structure make!

I would recommend capping any individual’s term limit to work for ANY level of the civil service at no more than 12 years…

But, I digress…

This year, for Christmas, I bought my kids each a copy of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’.

One of the first lessons it teaches is that if you cannot name/define the enemy, you have already lost.

Keep that in mind as you watch this video, which shows that increasingly, our security forces are not permitted to name/define the enemy.

Sad, so sad…



Lifetime gag order kills Free Dominion

Sad, but true.

This message has replaced Canada oldest right-leaning online political discussion forum:

As of today, January 23, 2014, and after 13 years online, Free Dominion is closing its doors to the public. We have been successfully censored.

Today, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith issued an order in the Richard Warman vs Mark and Connie Fournier and John Does defamation case heard September, 2013. In addition to ordering that we must pay Warman $127,000, Justice Smith issued an injunction against us ordering we that never publish, or allow to be published, anything negative about Richard Warman. This means we are barred for life from ever operating a public forum or a blog (even about cookie recipes) where the public can comment. If we do so, any one of Warman’s handful of supporters could, and probably would, use a common proxy server to avoid being traced, plant a negative comment about Warman on our site, and we would both be charged with contempt of court. If that happened –unlike in the Ottawa courtroom where we were blocked at every turn from presenting a defense– we actually would have no defense. We would both go to jail. This life sentence was imposed for our terrible crimes of voicing our honestly held beliefs and allowing others to do the same. Defamation law, in its current state, is entirely inadequate and counterproductive when applied to the internet. Now it is being used as a tool of censorship. Effectively!

We are assessing our options.

In faith,
Mark and Connie Fournier

“If it takes force to impose your ideas on your fellow man, there is something wrong with your ideas. If you are willing to use force to impose your ideas on your fellow man, there is something wrong with you.” – Mark Fournier


Words we must speak daily – if we dare

Here is a list of 40 words (along with their definitions) that every free-speech lover ought to say out loud, at least once, while we still can:

Akhirat:  The Islamic concept of the ‘afterlife’.

Al Qran:  Literally ‘the recitation’, it is the central book of Islamic teachings.  Muslims believe that these ‘revelations’ were made to their prophet Mohammed by the arch-angel Gabriel regarding the will of the Islamic god named Allah and are the literal word of God.  These ‘recitations’ were not written down during the lifetime of Mohammed but only collected when it became apparent that Mohammed’s closest companions were dying out and so it became important for Muslims to preserve his teachings in a written form.  It was compiled by the Caliph Abu Bakr, who ordered the Muslims who remembered Mohammad’s recitations to have them written down and sent to him.  These he then organized into chapters which make up the Koran/Qu’ran/AlQran by the length of the chapters.  This means that the sequence in which these chapters were dictated has not been preserved, which creates the problem regarding the Islamic principle of ‘abrogation’ which states that if two verses of the Koran/Qu’ran/AlQran are in conflict, the one that was revealed to Mohammad later is the valid one, as it abrogates the earlier revelation.

Allah: ‘The God’ in Arabic.  At one point, Mohammed taught that Allah had three divine daughters, but later altered that teaching, making Islam monotheistic.

As Sunnah:  Literally translates as ‘common practice’, in the Islamic context, it means the ‘righteous path’ of following proper Islamic customs.

Auliya:  friend, helper, protector, patron or patron saint.

Azan/Adhan:  Islamic call to prayer

Baitullah:  Literally ‘house of god’ and may refer either to any mosque or to the main mosque in Mecca which houses the Kaaba, the box which houses a black meteorite, which the Muslims worship, and to which they are supposed to make a pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime (haj).  Prior to Islam, Mohammed’s grandfather made his living from people making a pilgrimage to the Kaaba.

Dakwah/Dawah/Da’wah:  Literally means ‘issuing a summons’ or ‘inviting’, in Islamic context, it means proselytizing Islam.  It is unlawful for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim without having first invited them to join Islam.  Some Islamic leaders have criticized Osama bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks because he had failed to issue a Dawah to all the American citizens 1 year before the terrorist attack.  Numerous Islamic scholars have since corrected this oversight and issued a Dawah to all Westerners.  If we fail to heed this call to convert to Islam, killing us is not considered to be ‘murder’ under Islamic law (Sharia).

Fatwa:  a legal judgment pronounced by an Islamic scholar.  These legal judgments make up Islamic jurisprudence and ought to be followed by pious Muslims.  There have been some interesting fatwas issued over the time.  For example, the Penang Mufti Hassan Ahmad had issued a fatwa that prohibits non-Muslims from ever using (speech, writing, publishing or in electronic form) the very 40 words being defined in this humble post.  This is legally binding in Malaysia.  However, if someone reading these words in Malaysia realizes they were published by a non-Muslim, they may make a legal complaint, a warrant may be issued and Interpol will act upon it to deliver the culprits to the land where the warrant  was issued.  So, enjoy while you still may!  Another recently issued fatwa prohibits women from sitting in chairs, because if they moved just the wrong way, they may become sexually aroused.

Firman Allah:  As I could not find this exact phrase translated into English, the closes I can make it out to be is ‘that which Allah has made permitted’.  Granted, I did just a quick Google search, as I’m trying to define quite a few terms here, but this seems to fit in with Islamic sayings rather well and captures the spirit of the phrase.  Corrections would be appreciated.

Hadith:  literally ‘tradition’, this refers to the habits and sayings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

Haji:  Someone who had completed the haj and traveled to Mecca to see the Kaaba.  As non-Muslims are not permitted to enter Mecca, only a Muslim may be a Haji/Hajji/Hadji.  A Muslim who has completed the haj may add this honorific to his name.

Hajjah:  Not sure of this one, but I suspect it means a female Hajji.

Ibadah:  Literally ‘obedience with submission’, the term is derived from practice of slavery.  In the Islamic context, it means worship of Allah.

Illahi:  I suspect this is an alternate spelling of ‘Elahi‘, meaning ‘my god’ or ‘my awesome one’.

Imam:  An Islamic leadership position, usually denoting an Islamic cleric.

Iman:  Iman is a really, really hot model.  However, I doubt that is whom the good Mufti meant in his fatwa.  Rather, I suspect he was referring to the Muslim believer’s faith in the metaphysical aspects of Islamic teachings.

Kaabah:  literally ‘the cube’, in Islamic context, it is a black cube that Muslims have been praying to since a little over 200 years past Mohammed’s death.  All modern mosques face the Kaabah, which is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  (For the first few centuries following the death of Mohammed, all mosques faced the ancient city of Petra, as archaeological findings have demonstrated.)

Karamah:  a divine miracle (and not a conjuring trick type magic, that the other religions have)

Khutbah:  public preaching, refers to the sermons delivered during formal prayers.

Masjid:  a mosque, defined by Mohammed as a place of worship as well as a community centre, barracks for soldiers and materiel storage depot.

Mubaligh: a missionary (just follow the link and click on English for translation), one who is practicing dawah.

Mufti: an Islamic scholar from the Sunni branch of Islam

Musolla/Mushola:  Islamic prayer room

Nabi:  Prophets of Islam.  Most, but not all, Muslims believe that Mohammed was the last prophet.

Qadhi:  I suspect this term denotes Sharia courts.

Qiblat:  The direction in which Muslims should pray.  According to tradition, Mohammed is first ordered Muslims to pray in the direction of Jerusalem and to have later changed this to be towards Mecca and the Kaaba.  However, the earliest mosques (from the first 200+ years following the death of Muhammad) are pointing to Petra, not Mecca, indicting that the Kibla may have changed more than once.

Rasul:  prophet or apostle

Sheikh:  an honorific that means ‘elder’ and denotes the front man of a tribe.

Soleh:  This word is not Arabic in origin, but Indonesian and means ‘religious’.  Thus, according to this fatwa, if you are not a Muslim you may not call yourself ‘religious’.

Surau:  another word for ‘mosque’

Syahadah/Shahada:  a ritual Islamic prayer which is also used as an affirmation that one is a Muslim.  It translates into English roughly as:  ‘There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.’

Syariah:  Malaysia is one of the countries with a secular legal system for non-Muslims and Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.  Syariah is Malaysia’s Sharia adherent legal system which applies to its Muslim residents.

Tabligh:  ‘propagation’ of Islam by ‘spreading awareness’ of the teachings of Mohammed.

Taqwa:  While this definition varies somewhat between sects, the meaning ranges from ‘god-consciousness’ to piousness, love/fear of Allah, self restraint and so on.

Ulama/Ulema/Uluma:  In the stricter sense of the word, it refers to the upper echelon of Islamic scholars trained in the whole field of Islamic law, but it is often applied to any senior Muslim cleric.  Especially in rural areas, the cleric’s scholarship is not a significant issue.

Wahyu:  This word is of Indonesian origin.  From English-language version of this link:  ‘In religion and theologyrevelation is the revealing or disclosing of some form of truth or knowledge through communication with a deity or other supernatural entity or entities.’

Wali:  Guardian – with all that it implies:  being responsible for someone, managing their material wealth as well as having the right to enter into legal agreements on their behalf.  This is an important concept in Islam.  A father is the wali to all his minor male children and all his female children until the daughters are married, at which point the guardianship of the woman in question is transferred to her father.  If there is no father, then the closest male blood relative takes on the role of a wali for any minor males and any females.  As the wali manages their wards property and is the only one permitted to enter into legal contracts on their behalf, it means that an Islamic marriage contract is between the groom and the bride’s wali, with the bride having no legal standing in the matter.  Thus, a petition for divorce in a Sharia court may need to be filed by the wife’s male relatives, as she has no legal standing in the marriage contract.  It also means that under Sharia, the highest legal status a woman can achieve is that of a minor.

Zakat Fitrah:  At the end of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from sun-up to sun-down, there is a celebratory feast.  While ‘zakat’ means taxes (a portion of which must go towards jihad), zakat fitrah is the specific obligatory gift of food to the poor so that they may participate with other Muslims in the end-of-Ramadan feast.


Now that I have tried to define these words for your convenience, please, do speak them as often and as publicly as you can, before you loose the freedom to do so!  There is already a fatwa that forbids us to speak these words, if we are non-Muslims. It is up to us, freedom-loving people, to make sure that this and/or any other fatwa never becomes applied as a law onto us.

Rights are like muscles and cognitive abilities: if you don’t exercise them, you loose them!!!

TorrentFreak: “Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously? 2013 Edition”

With the Federal court in Toronto awarding $10.5 million dollars in statutory and punitive damages for running a website which merely linked to Simpsons and Family Guy episodes, one might wish to know how best to protect their identity in the interwebitudes…and with some VPNs touting their security while handing over users info to the US government, it’s hard to know where to turn.

Helpfully, TorrentFreak has reviewed the different VPN services to see which one take your anonymity most seriously:

‘More than a year ago TorrentFreak took a look at a selection of the web’s VPN services to see which ones really take privacy seriously. During the months that followed we received dozens of emails begging us to carry out an update and today here it is. The first installment in our list of VPN services that due to their setup cannot link user activity to external IP addresses and activities.’

Read the full article here.


From FightForTheFuture.org

A message from Fight For the Future:

Yesterday, a Federal judge issued a fiery ruling condemning the NSA’s bulk phone record collection program as “likely” unconstitutional. Judge Richard Leon went on to call the program “almost Orwellian” and stated in no uncertain terms that it “infringes on ‘that degree of privacy’ that the Founders enshrined in the Fourth Amendment.” (1)


Congress needs to hear this. The NSA’s programs are illegal. Tell them before they ram through a bill that will give the NSA even more power.


This is a huge blow to the NSA’s programs — and one that would not have been possible without the massive grassroots movement that YOU helped us build. We’ve been saying these programs are unconstitutional since even before Snowden came along — it feels good to be vindicated, doesn’t it?


”They’re pushing a bill called the “FISA Improvements Act” that would legalize, and even expand, the very same program that Judge Leon just declared unconstitutional.


We won’t let that happen. Help us tell Congress that we won’t accept any fake fix to NSA abuses. Click here to demand an end to illegal spying — nothing less.


Make sure you take action on this one — it’s really important — but also take a minute today to savor how awesome this all is: the NSA’s power is crumbling. They’re taking a beating from the courts, the tech community, and even the UN, who recently de clared digital privacy a human right. (3)


It’s important that we keep the pressure on. We’re working on our campaign to take our privacy campaigns to an epic level in the coming year. There are incredibly powerful interests doing everything they can to muddy the debate and keep the NSA in the shadows. And even if Judge Leon’s ruling is upheld, it’s only a beginning, since it would primarily protect the rights of Americans and we all know that EVERYONE deserves freedom and privacy, regardless of where they live.


One thing is for sure. If NSA defenders in Congress pass the FISA Improvements Act, things will go from bad to worse. Click here to speak out in defense of our most basic rights.


When I started writing this email, the first thing I wanted to say was “BOOH YAH NSA!” We have a long way to go, but everyone should savor this moment. It’s another big win to add to our streak.


This fight is in Congress, but if you’re not in the U.S. we still need your help to spread the word. U.S. laws unfortunately affect all of us, so share this image to voice your demands. We’re planning more action soon to tackle government surveillance internationally, so stay tuned.


Glad to have you on team Internet,

-Tiffiniy and Evan

Fight for the Future


P.S. We’re just about to start our year-end fundraising drive. Not everyone has the ability to donate, so if you do, please chip in whatever you can here.


P.P.S. We thought we’d leave you with this awesome quote from Edward Snowden himself about Judge Leon’s ruling. The last sentence will give you goosebumps. Also, be sure to read this fascinating account from a current NSA employee that seriously calls into question many of the government’s’ claims about Snowden.


“I acted on my belief that the N.S.A.’s mass surveillance programs would not withstand a constitutional challenge, and that the American public deserved a chance to see these issues determined by open courts. Today, a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate Americans’ rights. It is the first of many.” — Edward Snowden



1) New York Times, Federal Judge’s Ruling on N.S.A. Lawsuit
2) Maplight, Senate NSA Data Collection Bills -Top Intelligence Contractors Contribute Three Times More to Feinstein Than Leahy

3) United Nations General Assembly, Third Committee Approves Text Titled “Right to Privacy in the Digital Age.”


Helping Muslim Girls is “Racist”: Edmonton Transit Submits to Sharia, Takes Down AFDI Bus Ads


Help Ezra Levant Protect Our Freedom of Speech

From an email I received:
Dear Xanthippa*,
Please help: tomorrow (Thursday) in a Toronto court house, I’m being sued by Khurrum Awan, the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress who tried to censor Mark Steyn.
In fact, he’s suing me for writing about what he did at Steyn’s trial — five years ago!
Of course, it’s just more “lawfare” — the abuse of our western legal process, as a soft jihad against our traditional freedoms.
I won’t get into the details of the lawsuit here — you can see Awan’s Statement of Claim, and my Statement of Defence, here. I’ll make my official comments from the witness box. And you can see a column I wrote about it in the Sun, here. And the great Mark Steyn himself wrote about the trial, here.
But my point is, these radical, Islamic censors are still at it, still trying to silence their critics.
Awan himself gave away the game, in an interview he did after Steyn won his case. Awan told a reporter, “we do not plan to appeal the decision because we attained our strategic objective—to increase the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.”
That’s what this latest lawsuit against me is: the “strategic objective” of punishing someone who criticizes radical Islam. I published the Danish cartoons of Mohammed; I supported Steyn; and now I have a TV show where I regularly report on radical Islam.
Since joining the TV station, I’ve been protected by the company’s lawyers. But this lawsuit started when I was a blogger, on my own. So I’m on the hook for all of my legal bills. And unlike Awan, I don’t have a big benefactor financing me.
Would you please consider helping me out? I am reluctant to ask, because I know you’ve helped me before. But a lot is at stake here.
This lawsuit is an attempt to undo the free speech victories of the past few years, and to send a warning to any Canadian journalist who dares to speak freely about radical Islam or censorship. It’s designed to instill a sense of fear into the national discussion, to create a “libel chill”.
It’s not just me who’s being targeted — it’s everyone who might ever want to talk about radical Islam. That’s the “strategic objective” of getting everyone to shut up.
I’ve already spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, preparing for the trial. The trial is scheduled to last a week, and could go longer. The total cost will easily reach $50,000 — even if I win, I’ll lose. That’s why they’re doing it.
Can you please help me level the playing field? Can you help fill up my legal war chest, so I can keep standing on guard for our western values of freedom of speech, and the separation of mosque and state? If you can help me with my legal bills, I promise I’ll keep fighting.
You can chip in right now using my secure PayPal button here.
Whether you can donate $5 or $500, it all adds up. Let’s show them we’re as passionate about freedom as they are about censorship.
Wish me luck – I go to court at 10 a.m. tomorrow!
Yours gratefully,
Ezra Levant
P.S. Please help me level the playing field in this lawsuit, by chipping in to my defence fund, here.
P.P.S. And please visit www.StandWithEzra.ca to see the latest news about the trial, and read comments from free speech supporters across the country!

P.P.P.S. Feel free to forward this email to your friends and family who care about freedom too!

*I substituted my ‘nom-de-keyboard’, Xanthippa, for my ‘real-life-name’

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