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The Glazov Gang-Stephen Coughlin on “Muslim Brotherhood: Above the Law in America.”

First videos from massive protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia today are beginning to trickle in

Today, the 28th of October, 2015, saw massive, co-ordinated, anti-migrant protests throughout the Czech and Slovak republics.

Our sources say that the videos from these demonstrations and rallies are coming in and I will bring them to you as they become available.

Added up, over the cities and municipalities and even villages, the protests counted hundreds of thousands of people (according to our best estimates – even though the mainstream media have predictably downplayed these numbers by one or two orders of magnitude).

For example, here is RT’s coverage of the protest in Brno, the capital of Moravia:

(Sorry, still unable to embed into WordPress from LiveLeak…please follow the link.)

More to come in the coming days!!!

More interesting news coming out of Europe

Here is a clip from Czech Independent TV that I translated:

H/T – Baron Bodissey and Vlad Tepes.

Here is another, VERY important news item from CNtv (which I had translated – so blame all errors on me, please!)

It describes the plight of a Czech PM, member of a minority party ‘Usvit’ – member of the anti-Islamisation coalition – after he spoke at a PEGIDA ralley in Dresden.

HERE IS THE VIDEO (sorry, cannot seem to embed).

Following his speech, as he was heading to his bus, the Czech MP was assaulted by some sort of spray that had blinded him.  As he was blinded, he had bent over – just as he had been struck by a paving stone hurled from a bridge above…  Had he not been doubled-over in agony over his loss of sight, the paving stone would have struck him in the head (instead of his back) and caused a very serious, potentially life-threatening injury…

What kind of a world are we living in if people – even elected officials – are threatened with death should they speak to the people?!?!?

I want to get off this planet…but how?

What an Islamophobe!

Thunderf00t on feminists who want free speech for themselves – and nobody else

Throwing syphilis-infected urine in the face of a nurse, stabbing a physician…

Just some of the multicultural enrichments brought to Germany by the flood of migrants.

CNTV (Czech Independent TV) had, yesterday, read an email on air that they identified as coming from a retired Czech anaesthesiologist who had moved to Munich to work at a hospital there.

In this email, she describes the conditions under which Munich – and other German – hospitals, urgent care clinics and pharmacies are forced to operate….and why police patrols with K-9 units are necessary.

Translation notice:  I translated this segment from a larger program and, in the introduction, the announcer mentions Octoberfest…this is because in the intro, he announces two letters, this email which I have translated, and the letter that was sent, supposedly from a German Muslim, to the Munich government trying to get Octoberfest banned as un-Islamic and offensive to Muslims.  As this letter has widely been published elsewhere over the last few weeks, I did not translate it.  Yet, the mention of ‘Octoberfest’ in the intro and the not in the story has lead some to question my translation.  My apologies – I translated only the first one of the two letters introduced.

As far as I can tell, I cannot embed LiveLeak videos into WordPress, so, please, follow the link below:


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