Is a Canadain Government agent attempting to ‘influence’ a court?

Read it and weep…

When I first read this – that the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is retaining a lawyer who is attempting to intervene in a private lawsuit between two citizens, and that the CHRC may have been giving quite a lot of legal advice to only one of the parties in the lawsuit, making us the taxpayers pick up the tab, I was angry.  And, I started to write this up as exactly that.

Ezra Levant exercises his freedom of speech to ridicule another lawyer, Mr. Vigna.  Mr. Vigna sues Mr. Levant for damages to his reputation.  A court will decide whether the line between ‘fair comment’ and ‘slander/libel’ has been crossed:  and so it should be.  The CHRC ought to butt out and it is wrong of it to meddle and to pursue its vendetta against Mr. Levant simply because he dared to stand up to them.

In other words, I was angry – but focused on this  ‘Serene Queen‘  case.

But, the more I thought about it…

The CHRC is an arm of the government.   As such, any lawyer retained by the CHRC and acting on the CHRCs behalf is, legally speaking, an agent of the state.

Now – IF I understand this correctly – this agent of the state has just disregarded proper legal procedures (not filing for an intervenor status prior to the case and therefore being bound to give the defender access to what they will argue, so the defender can prepare a defense) and has inserted herself into the proceedings, approached the judge and attempted to influence the course of the court case!

Please, consider the implications!

An agent of the  state can influence the courts, without following proper legal procedures!

Is this not a thing that only happens in states so corrupt that there is collusion between the courts and the government?

Our judiciary is there as a check on the power of the government – to ensure the government is not able to circumvent the constitution and rob citizens of their rights and freedoms.  Is it  not?  I am not a lawyer, but, this is what we were taught in our civics class…

So, for the government agent to be able to CIRCUMVENT follow proper law and procedures and all that, and INFLUENCE A JUDG in case where the government is not an interested party (as in, they are not doing either the suing or the defending) – that is a really, really dangerous thing!

This is much bigger than just some government agency wasting taxpayer dollars.

This could very well constitute an attempt by the government (through this agent) to corrupt our courts!

As such, I think we need an immediate police investigation of this!

2 Responses to “Is a Canadain Government agent attempting to ‘influence’ a court?”

  1. The Lynch List, 19-Mar-2010 « The Lynch Mob Says:

    […] accomplishment of turning human rights into law has been to enrich the legal profession“, and Xanthippa on the CHRC intervening in a libel case. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  2. Zack Fogleman Says:

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    Xanthippa says:

    Thank you, Zack, for your feedback. This is not the first time I have received a similar comment.

    However, I am using to host my blog (it is then only mapped to my own site). And, I have to admit that it is very easy and ‘low maintenance’ is required from me! So, I cannot really complain about their service.

    The trade-off is that I do not have control over how my blog appears on the different browsers. Sure, I select a template – but that is the limit to my ability (not being skilled enough to write my own code for the way the blog will appear) to influence the appearance. In other words, I don’t know how I could help make this problem go away….


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