Keshet rescue/Keshet Kennels

Need a great place to board your dog in the Ottawa area?  These people are truly dedicated!

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2 Responses to “Keshet rescue/Keshet Kennels”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have been to this kennel twice now and NEVER AGAIN!! The staff are all very friendly and helpful but the owner is a complete trainwreck. Twice she stumbles over from her house in PJ’s and hair a mess at around 11:00am, after making us wait almost 15 minutes. Then she stands in front of us and talks on her cell phone for almost 10 minutes, giving us the brush off.

    I also found her to be very uncooperative. She spent a large portion of our second visit complaining about her monetary problems (which, if you’ve seen the place, there are clearly none) and Revenue Canada. I thought the whole conversation was in poor taste. The customer service is very sub par and I would never recommend this place. There are far better places for a much more reasonable price and none of the unprofessional whining that accompanied our LAST visit.

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