Hard boiled eggs…

For a long time, I have been mystified by why hard boiled eggs are sometimes easy to peel while at other times, the shell seems absolutely glued to the egg whites.

Good news, everyone!

Bernie, over at Plank’s constant, has written a whole post on the science of making a perfect hard-boiled egg!!!

I, too, have a method for boiling eggs – one which I invariably follow when I am making my world-famous devilled eggs, something which I make only when we entertain:

  1. Clean the house (which always takes way longer than you expect).
  2. Start preparing food – and since the cleaning took longer than you expected, you’ll be rushed and trying to get dressed for company as you do this.
  3. Get 24 or so eggs (if you are going to make devilled eggs, you might as well make it count).
  4. Place them in a large pot and cover with cold water.
  5. Put the pot on the stove and turn onto high.
  6. Run upstairs for a quick shower, since you have to get ready and you don’t want to smell like dust (from all that cleaning) when your guests arrive.
  7. Look at the tub…
  8. …and realize that what you really need is a bath.  Just a quick one!  Nice and hot…
  9. Fall asleep in the bathtub.
  10. Wake up when the house fills with black smoke and/or the eggs explode!

This may not yeild any edible eggs, but it will fill your house with a strong, pungent smell of sulphur – explaining once for all why they are called ‘devilled’ eggs!

And, it will not only provide an endless conversation topic for when your guests arrive (trust me, the smell will linger for days), it will make your culinary adventures the talk of the town!!!

Caution:  while this has not happened to me every time I’ve made devilled eggs, at least two of the times, some of the eggs actually exploded, embedding egg tissue on all surrounding surfaces, including the ceiling.  So, as an added benefit. you’ll get a cleaned ceiling out of this!

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