The Effects of ‘Higher Education’

What else needs to be said?


4 Responses to “The Effects of ‘Higher Education’”

  1. juggernaut Says:

    … that this cartoon is basically a generalization of all graduates turning into crazy protestors when really 90% of them just get their degree and move onm

    • CodeSlinger Says:


      The problem is, most of those who “just get their degree and move on” stand in the same relation to Antifa as “moderate Muslims” to ISIS: they tacitly approve of the ends, even if they are a bit squeamish about the means.

      It’s way past time to return control of the academy to bona-fide academics and get the activists the hell out of there!

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    Apt as it is, this cartoon neglects the influence of grade school.

    People who have children in grade school are at their wits’ end. Their children come home wracked by confusion about their own sex and self-loathing for being white. And if they try to do anything about it, the state will take their children away.

    The resulting anger and frustration have escalated to the point where fear and complacency can no longer kept them in check. And we all know what happens when you anger a frightened dog…

    • xanthippa Says:

      Indeed – 100% agree.

      As a matter of fact, am actively helping some people home-school their kids (science, math and formal logic) precisely because of this. Wish I could do so for ALL of them!!!

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