‘THE’ question about Michael Jackson: was he a castrato?

I hardly ever follow ‘pop culture’:  as in, what the latest celebrities are doing, and so on.  Heck, I don’t even know who the latest celebrities are!

But it has been just about impossible to escape the recent ‘Michael Jackson’ media frenzy.  I must say, I was rather baffled by the amount of publicity this guy’s death and funeral/memorial generated.

Even usually sane talk-shows waded into these waters.

And people were calling in!!!  Ratings went up!!!  Curious…

SOOOOO much was being said…  And no matter where I tuned in, I could not escape some MJ coverage.

These are the things I heard people say about Michael Jacksom.  I don’t know how true they are… But, they were said by many different people, and seem to be ‘accepted’ as ‘general background’, and even a simple search of the internet will get lots of hits about these claims:

  • Michael Jackson had the mind of a 12-year-old boy – he never really grew up mentally. This is something I did not hear before – and the trigger for my ‘chain of reasoning’.
  • Michael Jackson hated his father.  His father, Joseph Jackson, was mentally and physically abusive of him (actually, he admitted abusing of all of his children).
  • Michael Jackson was so afraid of his father, that he would vomit upon seeing him (that is what he said in the famous Oprah Winfrey interview).  Just how horrible was the thing Joseph did to Michael, to evoke a response this extreme?
  • Some people have even gone so far as to suggest that Michael Jackson’s many plastic surgeries were a direct response to his father’s abuse as well as an attempt to be as different from his father as possible.
  • Joseph Jackson was (and still is) obsessed with becoming a ‘part’ of the music business:  he did not balk at using fear, intimidation and physical violence to force his children to practice and to perform…. When he lost control over Michael Jackson and his career, he still found ways to exploit his son’s fame for his own profit (behind Michael’s back) – and has really been cashing is since his famous son’s death.  He’s even voiced ideas about getting Michael Jackson’s kids on-stage, now that Michael is dead…

Add to this:

  • Michael Jackson had build himself a residence that was part amusement park – and called it ‘Neverland Ranch‘.  It was named for the place where Peter Pan lived:  a place where boys who cannot grow up live…
  • He also had a series of inappropriate relationships with boys – about 12-year old ones, to be precise.  While some people think these relationships were Platonic (in the true sense of the word:  sex between males), others claim them to have been platonic (as the word is currently popularly used:  an asexual relationship).  Either way, it is not ‘normal’ for an adult male to ‘best relate’ to pre-teen boys and to actively seek friendships with them in the manner Michael Jackson did.
  • Michael Jackson’s children are not biologically his.  They were conceived through artificial insemination, using sperm from a donor.  (OK, there were times he claimed otherwise – but this has since been shown to be false.)
  • During a ‘normal’ man’s life, his body changes proportions.  Of course, there are individual variations: these changes are more noticeable in some men than in others.  Still, most men – once they hit puberty – exhibit some physical changes, and not just in their genitals.  The chin (can’t tell with MJ’s surgeries…), the hands, the Adam’s apple, the chest/shoulders, and so on.  Still, Michael Jackson’s body retained the proportions of a pre-teen boy, including the flexibility needed for his famous dancing style.
  • If you listen (or, are forced to listen) to Michael Jackson’s singing, his voice does NOT sound like the voice of a grown man.  It is unusually high…

Do you see where this is leading?  Is THE QUESTION ‘jumping out’ at you? I find it unavoidable!

Was Michael Jackson a castrato?

Did his father (the man who did not shrink from violence to force his children to perform, and who, for his whole life, has been obsessed with being ‘in the music business’) think his young son’s voice was too precious to loose to puberty?

Did Joseph Jackson arrange to have Michael ‘altered’, so his voice would never change?!?!?

Have a listen to the only known recording of a true castrato voice here.  You can just about hear the same voice belting out:  “Billy Jean is not my lover…”

So, what do we know about the castrati ad their lives?  (Castrati are different from eunuchs, who are castrated after the onset of puberty.)

  • There are colourful tales of the ‘castrati of the past’ and their various sexual ‘quirks’…
  • Typically, castrati have long, slim limbs and retain unusually high levels of flexibility….
  • And, of course, there is that legendary castrato voice:  it is not the voice of a child – it does undergo some changes.  Still, it does not sound like the voice of a grown man, nor that of a woman, but is said to have the best qualities of all three, enchanting audiences with its universal appeal.

And what does science have to say about this?

  • At the onset of puberty (10-12 years of age, for most boys), the release of testosterone into their bodies actually causes a physical re-arrangement of the brain.  (There is a similar effect on female brains, due to the release of estrogen.)
  • Anyone who reads ‘Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology’ will certainly recall Volume 26, No. 3-4, which includes:  ‘Pubertal hormones organize the adolescent brain and behavior’:

“…  Converging lines of evidence indicate that adolescence may be a sensitive period for [testosterone/estrogen] steroid-dependent brain organization and that variation in the timing of interactions between the hormones of puberty and the adolescent brain leads to individual differences in adult behavior and risk of sex-biased psychopathologies.” (The emphasis and [insert] were added by me.)

Peter Pan, after whom Michael Jackson named his ‘dream home’, lived in a place where young boys could not grow up – even if they wanted to.  They had to leave ‘Neverland’ in order to grow up… but, perhaps, Michael Jackson did not have the choice to leave – perhaps he was stuck there, for ever.

I ask again:  is it possible that Michael Jackson was a castrato?

56 Responses to “‘THE’ question about Michael Jackson: was he a castrato?”

  1. derek-juggernauts Says:

    There is a probable rumor that he probably injected with female hormones, which explains his falsetto voice and his feminine figure, but I highly doubt he was castrated. There are many rumors about him though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them were proven to be false.

    I sent you a message on blogtv, by the way.

    • Bill Says:

      This is 100% false though

    • Leslie Fish Says:

      I don’t think he was actually a castrato, but it’s obvious that Jackson wanted to be a child forever. I don’t think he was a pedophile, though. He didn’t want to f*ck children; he wanted to *be* children. I suspect he suffered from hysterical impotence as a result — and it’s clear that all the surgeries and hormone treatments he got didn’t help.

      • Denise Humphries Says:

        Michael Jackson was definitely a “castrato”!! Not be his choice but by his father’s choice. Michael was his father’s cash cow – do the research!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree with you. Here’s why. I was same age as Michael Jackson ( so was Madonna and Donny Osmond) So I was very interested in their lives. In the summer between 6th and 7th grade I was stuck I’m my bedroom for the most of the summer with Mono. This was in 1971. We barely had one television in living room. So I had nothing to do but lay in my bed read and listen to the radio. Well I remember very clearly after midnight the station I was listening to announced that they just heard a rumor that Michael had been taken by an ambulance from his home. I worried about him all night. No one knew why he was taken. The next couple of days the DJs were talking about what happened. No one ever found out why or just never told. It explains a lot. When I read the book about the Venea (ms) Boys Choir and how it was common practice for the fathers of boys would take their 12 year olds out in the middle of the night have it done then bring them back home. Just so they could stay in the choir. The boys grew up to behave exactly like Michael did. I always here things that related to it. Like why wasn’t Michael ever convicted of molestation? What was the scar he had that the boys said they saw on Michael? How can you convict someone when they can’t perform such an act. But like the boys in the choir, he just like to cuddle with them and have some very soft fondling. They all grew up to be just like Michael. So thanks for mentioning the other factors that points to what his DAD!!! did to him. My heart aches for Michael and the rest of his family. I’m sure it’s the reason for all the turmoil that family goes to. Very sad. I pray that now that Michael has peace they do too.

  2. T&P Says:

    I only have one thing clear about MJ: he was a sad man even if he has been one of the most succesful singers/players/artists of all time. I believe that we are not going to know very much about him as there are so many false reports, interested news, etc.

    Still, this is one of the most creative things I have read about him in sooo many time!!!

  3. Emily2009 Says:

    Yes, I think it was likely that he WAS castrated. IT IS the ONLY answer that makes sense. Being injected with female hormones would NOT do it. The testosterone would still be present and that would mess everthing up. I hope we find out, because if so then Joe Jackson has alot to answer for, as this would be a CRIME against MJ, as it would have happened BEFORE he could legally give consent. I don’t believe that MJ was a pedophile, he was asexual.

  4. P Griffin Says:

    I was so glad to find this site. i am still wondering why all of the talk shows, etc. have not said a work about Michael Jackson being castrated. I do not believe that Michael was “convinced” by his father to do this, I believe it was forced on him. I also do not believe it was caused by his father kicking him in the groin. I beilieve his father had Michael castrated. If you take any question asked by any person about Michael, they can all be answered by the phrase “because he was castrated”. There are so many amazing comments here that I cannot expound on them. I thought that Michael was a truely wonderful human being. I am brought to tears wheenver I think of all that he endured during his lifetime. I hope that we find out the truth and the truth will set him free. He is in heaven now singing with the angels with his angelic voice and with nothing but peace. Many of his songs hint at his torments and try to express the love in his heart for children. His life was much more than music. I believe he was very close if not a saint…a messenger sent from God to “Heal the World”. Thank you to everyone that wrote here. It has helped me to read them all.

  5. KATE Says:

    Michael Jackson, Castrato?
    The best theory to understanding Michael Jackson may be the one that can satisfy the most questions. so, what if Michael Jackson was the last modern-day Castrato – the product of the old practice of castrating promising young men to ensure their singing careers. Surely, there were people around him who had become reliant on, or wanted to extend the potential of MJ’s talent and earning potential. Could this be the abuse MJ referred to?

    Did this keep his voice in the higher register? Is that why he remained childlike? Is that why he needed surrogate sperm – because he didn’t produce any? Is that why he was a loner – no one else could know or be like him? Is that why he needed to change his appearance to reflect his androgyny? Is that why he grabbed his crotch in that dance – was he trying to tell us something? Is that why he was innocent (foolish) enough to think as an adult he could play in bed with children – because no harm could come?

    I think MJ being castrati really sounds really well grounded.

    • Bill Says:

      This isn’t well grounded at all these r lies made by this dumbass he was a man of love nd innocence nd he thought those things were only with children so he hung out with him a lot & mike stopped fucking with joe after his last tour with his bros back in the 80s to get over the abuse he suffered from his as a child

  6. clarice Says:

    One can only conclude that none of you ever saw Michael Jackson perform. Besides being unusually well-endowed, the man was bursting with masculine sexuality! When he embraced his female fans and his female singing partners, he often got erections right on stage. I don’t think a castrato could pull that off – no pun intended. And now comes the autopsy report that MJ was healthy and producing sperm at the time of his death. What does all this mean? It means that Michael Jackson was a fully-functioning male.

    It’s fascinating to observe the collective attempt to emasculate Michael Jackson, by any means necessary. Implying that he was a castrato, that he never had sex with a woman, that his children are not his, are examples of the kind of over-the-top nonsense promulgated about the man. MJ was right – when he began breaking all the records, and having white girls fall out over him, the media began with these fantastical accusations.

    • Toshalyn Says:

      Amen, Clarice! This article is the biggest load of crap I’ve read in a long time, and I’ve read a lot of articles about MJ since his death. It amazes me how determined some of these journalists are to dig up dirt on the man, or even invent outright lies just so they can have something negative to print about him. The man was married to Lisa Marie Presley, who has been very open in discussing their sex life. Not to mention the fact that his genitalia was often quite visible in the costumes he wore on stage. So how can anyone in their right mind conclude that he had been castrated? Whoever wrote this article needs to stop fabricating stories and concentrate on some real journalism? Unless this is all a joke, which I hope it is.

      • Katie Harrelson Long Says:

        because chemical castration dont erase yer cocknballs.

        i have heard the rumors and the responses and do not believe anything one way or the other and dont care much honestly, but i do know what i keep hearing is NOT that he was literally castrated, but that he was put on a medication for acne that is also used for pre-adolescent transgendered folk because it essentially stops puberty in its tracks. this may or may not have happened to MJ and it may or may not have resulted in a higher pitched voice and sexual issues, its the only “castration theory” that holds any amount of water and yes its possible. also, i dont know anything about his sexuality and again i dont care to, but i DO remember an interview with him a long time ago where he discussed being scared to the point of an extreme anxiety attack during his first “sexual experience” with a woman, which ended up not being much of one because she had to comfort him, as far as he said anyway. but either way, regardless of whether the man was a raging pedo, asexual, or a closet ladies man… the argument about him being all sexual with the ladies on stage really doesnt make any sense, it makes as much sense to me that he was putting on a big show for people to fight off rumors as it does that he was actually popping mad boners for them, it just isnt any kind of proof one way or the other.

        that said… i still dont know or care, shit is what it is and who am i to presume to know anything.

    • Rose Says:

      Anyone who thinks Michael Jackson was castrated obviously has never seen him in concert. My theory is that the efforts to emasculate Michael are coming from jealous white men with penis envy.

    • Bill Says:

      Thank u r a fucking genius

    • Fat Albert Says:

      Clarice, I know that that’s what you want to think. But the evidence speaks for itself. He married Lisa Marie Presley. Their marriage was over before it started, because M.J could not function, nor could he produce any sperm. Either that or he really was just too gay!!! But I think he was castrated. Sad to say. And those alleged “kids”of his look not one bit like him. The DNA test results are in: Michael Jackson is NOT their father.

  7. Charlena Bawden Says:

    Ive learned so much from this blog. Hopefully others can find value in my site as well.

  8. courtney Says:

    I hope he wasn’t, but it’s all very strange.
    Why did Michael Jackson have all the diseases in his family and the rest of the male family didn’t or don’t appear to have any? I have seen pictures of his grandfather and even great-grandfather. His grandfather lived to like 99 years.
    I don’t get that people are trying to make him appear less manly or tear him down. I think they would like Joe Jackson to be found guilty if he did do this to Michael, that’s all.

    • smart032000 Says:

      Michael diseases were NOT hereditary. Let’s start with the vitiligo. Where did it come from? I have friends with that. Nobody in their families had it. They both were under extreme stress and were taking an extreme amounts of medication.Tthe body reacted to the over medication and affected the immune system. Michael got burned back in the 80’s doing the Pepsi commercial. That is when the vitilligo started. His make up artist said he tried to hide it for years by wearing heavy makeup, but eventually had to gradually fade to the white because he eventually lost all of his pigmentation. it was not his coice. He had universal vitiligo. Now MORE STRESS. how could he face his audience lall spotte like a cow? Later on, he developed discard lupus. another auto immune disease This casued more joint pain and lead to his alopeocia (sp).thus the wig. Not only did he have these none hereditary diseases, he had several injuries . His first nose surgery was as result of him falling off stage and breakign his nose. several of the nose surgeries was a result of his trying to fix the first nose job. Also. Michael’s voice did indeed change. when you look at the This is It documentary, Mike has a deep voice- unusual, but still deep. He had a voice coach that helped him keep his voice high. For the record, his oldest brother ,Jackie, has a voice that is twie as high as MJ. He was a natural. Mike also wanted to have children with Lisa Marie. SHE did not want to have children with him. If he was castrated, why would he want that?. He truly believed in marriage and would not conceive outside of mariage. He wanted children so he used someones else’s sperm. ( I think maybe Blanket was a rethought. That child is his). Anyway, after much research , I have learned so much and have gained so mcuh respect the the man..Though a little unsual by most standards, he really was a simple man that was not as strange as we ,the world, a has painted him to be.

      • Bill Says:

        Although I believe his kids r his nd he actually vitiligo when he rocked the Fro as a young man good job

  9. Mimi Says:

    Please stop spreading rumors. Michael was not castrated nor given any female hormones. The voice he used mostly in public was not his natural voice. His actual voice was a lot lower. For proof just look up youtube footage of him in his later years. Also Lisa Marie Presley and several others have stated that his natural voice is nowhere like the one he uses in public most of the time. He has been getting erections on stage for many years. It’s a shame that jealous men want to believe that Michael was castrated. It’s really sickening.

  10. Cryptnotic Says:

    The erections thing isn’t proof that he wasn’t castrated. Pre-pubescent boys get erections too. And castrati and enuchs were able get erections and ejaculate as well. Apparently they were desirable by women because they could cheat and not get pregnant.

    But the real evidence that he was not a castrato is the autopsy report (available on the smoking gun) which states: “Both testes are in the scrotum and are unremarkable and without trauma.”


  11. smart032000 Says:

    At age 7, the Jackson family was dirt poor. Even if Joe wanted to do this, he could not affford it. Besides, they weren’t even famous yet. BTW- blackfolk did do that kind of stuff. If it happened, the government would have had to to it without the families’ consent. It just didn’t happened. Mike just had the gift, Research this awesome man and see that he was indeed a special soul. There will not be another like him. Everyday there is something new. A TIMELESS GIFT FROM GOD. whether he had sex or not is not my business, but I do think he kept his body under subjection, for he truly believed in the sanctity of marriage. When Lisa left him, he said that it was over . Then he asked his good friend Debbie to be his surragate mother. She agreed, but his mom found out and said that he should marry her because it did not look right. He did, but never consumated the marriage with Debbie. His marriage to Lisa was real, but the one to Debbie was just a shame. He was still in love with Lisa Marie. He was not married to Debbie in his heart. Mike did Not believe in sex outside of marriage.
    ( He was highly religious – beliieve it or not. He said that he was maried to God and his music.)

  12. sarah Says:

    He didn’t have his voice castrated!!!! I was in my Human Antomy class today, and my teacher mentioned this. I should have said something but I didn’t. I’m an mj fan, and have a great appreciation for his talent. Michael didn’t do anything to his voice. He was a natural tenor, and had a four octave vocal range!!! He said in an interview once that in the early 90s and a fan came up to him and asked him if he was taking hormone pills to make his voice so high. MJ was shocked and told him it was false and blamed it on the media. He blamed a lot of his problems on the media, but this one was legiment. He never did anything with his voice but practice. He could sing really high like in don’t stop untill you get enough, and sing really low like in 2000 watts, and in the whiz.
    watch these and hear his amazing voice!!

  13. andrea Says:

    To say that he was a castrato is probably one of the biggest bullshit I have ever heard about him. I have ADD and knowing about it (and living with it) I would say that 99.9% in my opinion he had ADHD/ADD. He just showed all sysmptoms. I do not think he was ever it however and I just wish he were aware of it ask for coaching, medication etc. He was a great guy I think.

  14. steffo Says:

    Michael Jackson Castration theory

    So let’s sum it up.
    1) He hated his Dad for what he had done to him.
    2) High voice
    3) No facial or body hair
    4) Try to show himself as manly through his dressing on stage & videos.
    5) Try to show himself as manly through many of his songs
    6) Try to show himself as manly by grabbing his crotch during his dance routines
    7) Never had his own biological children
    8) The children he did have was through a surrogate women with donated sperm
    9) Facial features altered to look like Farinelli

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  17. dun Says:

    If u were castrated u would be dead,1 loss of blood! 2 the pain will kill you ! Think Its comman sence,

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  19. Paul Says:

    Also during one of his molestation trials the police examined his genitalia because his accusers said there was something very specifically described about his nether regions. Having no testes, or as in the case of most Castrati, a junvenile sized penis.

    According to Brooke Shields Michael had proposed marriage on many occasions adding that they could ‘adopt’ children.

    During an interview with Barbara Walters Michael said he would love to get married and have children, if it were possible for him.

    Knowing what we do know about Joseph Jackson, would it really be that out of character for him to have done this? To me the answer is an obvious “not at all”.

    It is a very plausible scenario that Michael Jackson was indeed castrated by his father, or at the direction of his father.

  20. jasmine Says:

    So you’re seriously going to talk about a man after he’s passed away? Honestly, your accusations of him are false. Just because he had a high voice, as well his father being abusive, doesn’t lead any evidence towards him being castrato. This kind of makes me laugh that someone would literally take their time to study everything of femininity and castration. This is one of those pulled out of ass type answers. Would you like people saying things like this about you? I mean, you’re probably a nobody anyways. Jealousy isn’t pretty, and it’s pretty obvious you’re just jealous of Michael Jackson considering he’s had everything you’ll never be able to reach if your life depended on it. For fucks sake, leave the guy alone. He passed away peacefully. You don’t metaphorically need to keep digging him out of his grave.

  21. jasmine Says:

    One more thing. What would it even matter if he was castrated or not? He could sing in different octaves, does that make him feminine? There’s guys at my school who can sing high as well. Does that make them gay, or “castrated”? As well, he may’ve not been able to have kids because of complications that he was born with. Did you ever think of that? It’s actually possible for people to not be able to produce sperm and eggs, quite common too. All I’m saying is, let the man rest. He doesn’t need constant rumors going on about him. Besides, karma is a pretty powerful thing. I’m just sayin’.

  22. Terry Says:

    Chemical castration is still castration, though it leaves the testicles intact. Nor does castration preclude erections. That MJ was likely an Aspie should be an integral part of any analysis (really speculation from this perspective). There is the delayed, if not completely stifled, emotional maturation. All of us experience it differently. I was in my late 40’s when I felt my emotional age matched my chronological age. I had a falsetto voice before puberty, much higher than my peers, and still much higher after puberty. And my pitch is still inconsistent; sometimes very deep, sometimes high. Most often higher than average. I understand this is not abnormal for Aspies. Am I wrong? There are many other Aspie characteristics that could explain much of the phenomena described above, but it is late and I am tired.

  23. Valdyr Gramr Ulfr-Tyr Says:

    No, Michael Jackson was a plastic surgery nightmare around 1994 which is where these questions come from…as professional singer myself I will state that Jackson was in fact a High Tenor, then you have what are called countertenors like myself and mr. Klaus Nomi…Klaus did not inject female hormones at all, but it is possible to shave hair down or use treatments to prevent hair growth as well….a falsetto can rival any female range if trained properly like Jackson! There is no indication that he ever took it…he just has more trained head voice and falsetto than chest voice. His physique was nothing more than plastic surgery to look that way…there was never any actual proof of estrogen nor castration…also, some males just don’t grow full beards or mustaches either some use this to look and sound more fem like and even look it…I have a friend who is what they call a trap…his body just grew like that…it does happen there are three types of human bodies and males and females can both have them…not all just put on muscle and look like jocks….he just had the right surgery done to make him look like that…it did not effect him vocally he was just overly trained to sound like that…look up Klaus Nomi…for example…the note that Michael hit that made him sound overly high was an A6 I can go higher than that it is just a pitched noise is all…Dio could hit this note too…listen to metal singers of glam <.< even it is just your style and how your voice is trained, so we can conclude no…he was just a trained properly professional singer…male's in opera do this all the time <.<

    Xanthippa says:

    It’s good to hear from a professional.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Bill Says:

      Ur wrong he wasn’t a plastic surgery nightmare u ass he broke his nose & had discoid lupus the only plastic surgery he had was 4 nose jobs & a cleft chin as for the cosmetic surgery I dunno MJ didn’t want his face to fall flat because of the lupus but it eventually did in the 2000s

  24. ewqeqe Says:

    his dick wasnt cut off u can get see in the gold pants of the history tour

  25. 541_Boss Says:

    He wasnt “Castrated” he could always sing with a high pich voice so if he was Castrated how would he if had his children? Exactly the reazon his voice was so high is because he had surgery to stretch his vocal cords and would take female pills to add estrogen to the body which is what femalse release from their body so by adding that to your body made your voice not deep an that is why M.J did not have much facial hair . Hace you ever seen a pic of MJ with facial hair no .

    • Bill Says:

      He didn’t take female pills or none of the shit ur saying but he did have a voice coach he was a natural singer he could sing at high levels & low levels but he preferred the high ones & there r multiple pictures of him in the thriller era with a mustache & in the 2000s he had a goatee 4 awhile so stop with all ur nonsense u fool

  26. DaYdAy789 Says:

    You idiot! Michael wasn’t a castrato! If you listen to the interview he once had, he explained that his voice is deep, then he talks with a deep “normal voice”, and says he only makes his voice high pitch because to him songs and music sound better with a high pitch voice! Now stop dissing Michael!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    ‘Platonic’ never meant sexual. Maybe you’re thinking of ‘pederastic’.

    • xanthippa Says:

      No, I do not mean ‘pederastic’ and I do mean ‘platonic’.

      Original use of the word was to denote a sexual relationship between two men. It changed its meaning over centuries to denote ‘no sexual relationship between a man and a woman’ – precisely because it was limited to male-on-male sexuality alone.

      From this, the word became to be misused as ‘asexual’ – and its misuse is now so replete that most people are unaware of its original meaning.

  28. Jon Says:

    I’m worried . It looks true. Just saw a documentary with a lot of footage of him interviewed..

  29. morestories2tell Says:

    My son who is 15 has a deeper voice than MJ his voice was but, he can sing as high as he did. His singing coach says that is what you get when you always sing very high. Your vocal cords are muscles afterall. I think in MJ his case it was extreme because he probably sang hours and hours every day.

  30. Pocoloco Says:

    Michael Jackson wasn’t castrated or given female hormones to keep his voice high. He was a boy soprano but his voice did drop with puberty – you can hear it quite clearly with a trained ear. What throws people and gives rise to odd speculations is that he continued to sing in a countertenor (male soprano) range post-puberty. Though most high male voices tend to be tenors rather than countertenors, you do encounter the countertenor range in male classical singers. Listen to Max Emanuel Cencic, Vince Yi or Andreas Scholl, for example. They are certainly not castrati!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Mike Jackson hit puberty at age 14

  32. Fat Albert Says:

    Well, it certainly does explain a few things. His voice had this odd, underdeveloped sound to it. Pure castrado. Everybody has been saying Michael was gay. But in reality, if he was castrated, it explains a LOT. That poor guy was incapable of having ANY kind of “sex life”, at all!!! Yet it seems as though he was deathly afraid that the world thought he was GAY!!! Now, everything with his NONbiological kids makes sense. Michael thought that, if he could somehow show the world that he had produced children, nobody would think he was gay!!! So Michael had this woman artificially inseminated with somebody else’s donated sperm, he could cover it up and pass those kids off as being HIS kids. In Michael’s mind, it was bad enough to know that he would never be sexually “functional” ( he really really REALLY tried with Lisa Presley )but at least, if he could produce “kids”, the world would not think he was gay!!! It’s a sad sad situation. How can any father do that ( chemical castration ) to his own children. The bastard has no soul.

  33. Jouqo Says:

    I’ve thought about this possibility many many times. MJ’s voice, him staying so child-like, the questions about him being a virgin, his lack of relationships with women, his preference to hang out with young boys, and him collecting seamen from his friends to make a child… All his father cared about was SUCCESS, and MJ’s voice breaking was a thread to it. It would make total sense the father could have ‘fixed’ MJ. There was a lot on the line, too much to lose. And if he really did it, it would explain everything.

  34. Sky Song Says:

    At one time, I blogged extensively on this topic on a website like this, believing that MJ was indeed a castrato. Now I no longer believe it. Try listening to Dimash, who is a bass, singing “The Love of Tired Swans” at the Kremlin. He starts very low and gets up much higher than MJ ever sang. Try listening to other high belters like Adam Lambert or Austin Brown (of Home Free). Guys just can sing very high, if they train to do it. Now that high belting has become so much more common in pop music, if you go back and listen to old MJ videos, he just doesn’t sound that different from other guys. At that time, it wasn’t so common.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I know this article is ten years old, but if you care about being very accurate, you’d amend your article. Plenty of things mentioned were correct, while plenty of others won’t. My guess is you didn’t do adequate research. I’m aware that you’re not an mj fan, but please be respectful. There’s no reason to be negative, but every reason to be objective. He may have died, and he may not be able to fight back, but it doesn’t mean that disrespecting him is okay. Don’t disrespect innocent people, including those that were never found guilty.

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