Flesh-eating military robots?!?!?

OK, I do not usually just point to another story….

But this one is just SOOO bizzare!

Apparently, someone has seriously proposed that the best way to power a new generation of military robots is to have them search their environment for ‘biomass’ which they would then  collect and use as fuel.  This ‘biomass’ would include human flesh…

The name?

‘EATR Bots’!!!

h/t:  Dvorak Uncensored

Update: ‘Switched’ has a good article on this – with a diagram and lots of links….so this is looking less and less like just a bad joke!  And just in case you wondered:  ‘EATR’ stands for the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot

3 Responses to “Flesh-eating military robots?!?!?”

  1. Natasha Says:

    This story really creeped me out. I’m hoping I’ll be long dead before it’s a reality.

    It stirs up one of my phobias (I mean a real phobia, not a phony one like homophobia or Islamophobia) — I’ve always had an unexplained fear of being eaten alive by some creature. I think it harkens back to my scuba diving days — and watching Jaws.

    • xanthippa Says:

      This ‘could’ (possibly) have seemed like an OK idea, if the designers were so geeky they did not consider the reality of a battlefield…. Sometimes, when a product is being designed, people get ‘tunnel vision’ and completely miss the obvious things outside of their main focus.

      In an “Oh, dear! I had not thought of that… AAAAAGH!” way…

      May be…

      But programming robots for destruction – and having them use biomass for fuel – that is just asking for Armageddon!

  2. letterstoadyingdream Says:

    Fox ran a correction to the original article online today and that the robots only eat plant matter. It was a false report that they would eat animals or corpses, since desecrating the dead is illegal under the Geneva Convention and the people who invented it did want that to happen.

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