I’m back!

Thank you, all, for your well-wishes and words and thoughts of support!

I’m back home, and now that the ‘morphine haze’ is beginning to lift, I’m back online.


…for about 2 weeks (I think!) I have been isolated from the ‘great wide world’ out there!  No news, no internet – so, I am going to need a bit to get caught up on what has been going on!

A lot of things I was ‘working on’ have probably dropped off the radar, others have been resolved, and so on.  Plus, despite the painkillers and all that, I have made some interesting observations of our healthcare system (yeah, they can drug me – but that does not stop me from accidentally finding out things I’m not meant to) that I’ll need to do some follow-up on:  are these observations accurate, are they as systemic as they seem and can I get someone to talk about them more.

So, I’m back – but I’ll be at ‘half volume’ (or less) for a bit…

Thanks again for all the support!

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