Senator Patrick Brazeau joins the ranks of ‘the good guys’!


This is one more Senator who really, really ‘gets it’!

I can’t resist but quote:

Freedom of speech is not, as some have suggested, an American idea. It is an extension of free will. It is a by-product of democracy and it is reflective of the notion that all men and women were created equal. Freedom of speech knows no political station, no power structure nor race, colour or creed. Given this, how sad it is that we seem as a society to place the notion of freedom of speech as less important than ensuring none might become offended by the hard truths of 21st century living.

The erosion of many of these freedoms is nowhere more evident than in First Nation’s communities. In many instances, the utter absence of accountability and transparency that has plagued Aboriginal politics for so long can be attributed in large part to the infringement of the rights of grassroots Aboriginal people to their freedom of speech. For many reserve residents, the price for their attempts at free speech and the expression of their concerns in an open manner is often restriction of access to essential services such as housing and post-secondary education. The price of speaking out against corruption and demanding accountability can at times be even more severe, involving physical violence and threats to family and friends.

This cannot happen in a vacuum where people live in fear of retribution and retaliation if they have the courage to speak out. This will not happen if divergent opinion is termed racist – and it surely will not happen without the full engagement and participation of grassroots Aboriginal peoples, convicted and convinced enough of the need to embrace the need for change.


Senator Brazeau, if I ever get to meet you, you have a kiss coming!

Thanks, BCF, for pointing it out.

4 Responses to “Senator Patrick Brazeau joins the ranks of ‘the good guys’!”

  1. Steynian 408nd « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] HEARINGS– Free Speech Enquiry – Opening remarks by Senators Duffy & Finley in full; Senator Patrick Brazeau joins the ranks of ‘the good guys’!; The Canadian Senate is actually doing useful work! […]

  2. Bronson Crowchild Says:

    i was assaulted by alberta childrens hospital security on Dec.28. after visiting my sick heart transplant baby sister who is only two and has been a resident there since birth. i’m appalled that i would be assaulted at a place of healing and by the people sworn to keep safe. all because i didn’t want to tell complete strangers who were being rude to me about the terminal news i faced moments before.

  3. Mariyn C Says: Staff
    Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 10:07PM EST
    Last Updated Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012 2:48PM EST

    Sen. Patrick Brazeau receives an annual $20,000 taxpayer-subsidized housing allowance for claiming his principle residence is in Maniwaki, Que., but other residents tell CTV News they’ve rarely seen him there.

    Senators are entitled to the annual allowance if their principal residence is at least 100 kilometres outside Ottawa, and Maniwaki is 130 kilometres from the capital.

    Brazeau, who has one of the worst attendance records in the Red Chamber, moved into a Gatineau rental unit just across the river from Ottawa in March 2011.


    Senator Patrick Brazeau accepts the Bad Sport Award at the National Press Gallery Dinner Saturday in Gatineau, Quebec, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012. (Fred Chartrand / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

    He claims that even though he rents a house in Gatineau with his girlfriend, he still lives at his father’s house in his hometown of Maniwaki when the Senate is not sitting.

    “I rent a house in Gatineau, but my principal residence is in Maniwaki,” Brazeau told CTV News.

    When he was first appointed to the Senate, Brazeau did not collect the housing allowance because he owned a Gatineau home with his then wife.

    CTV News travelled to Maniwaki, where residents said the only Brazeau living at the house in question is the senator’s father.

    “Only the papa,” said the butcher, whose shop is directly across the street from the house, when asked who lives in the home.

    The pastry shop owner said the senator does not live in his father’s home, while a restaurant owner said he only sees the younger Brazeau around “sometimes.” The local letter carrier has never delivered mail addressed to the senator at the home.

    Family friend Gary Moore confirmed that, “No, Patrick doesn’t live in Maniwaki.”

    A source close to Brazeau told CTV News that the senator has had financial difficulties since he split from his wife, despite an annual salary of $132,000.

    He has also had a child support dispute with a separate woman, with whom he has a teenaged son.

    The source said that over the holidays, Brazeau bakes and sells his own homemade meat pies at a Gatineau bar to make extra money.

    With a report by CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife

    Read more:

  4. Mariyn C Says:

    One of the Good Guys? he’s a pawn for the CONgov’t and a deadbeat Dad. There is no hope for you stupid!

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