‘Pre-Crime Thought’ is now detectable – really

OK – I don’t understand how ANYONE would think this is a ‘good idea’!

IBM has now created a machine which can detect ‘pre-crime’ – by measuring a person’s brain waves.

It sounds like a bad science fiction flick, or a particularly stupid April fool’s joke – and I wish it were!  Alas, it appears to be ‘real’


IBM clearly wants this to go big. They have spent a whooping $12 billion beefing up its analytics division. Again, here’s the full quote from Deepak Advani [emphasis added]:

Predictive analytics gives government organizations worldwide a highly-sophisticated and intelligent source to create safer communities by identifying, predicting, responding to and preventing criminal activities. It gives the criminal justice system the ability to draw upon the wealth of data available to detect patterns, make reliable projections and then take the appropriate action in real time to combat crime and protect citizens.

Not scared yet?

IBM says that the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom—which has an impeccable record on not pre-judging its citizens—already uses this system to prevent criminal activities.

This turns our society upside down!

Our ‘Western’ society was built on the very principle all rights and freedoms are inherent in each individual:  we broke free of the shackles of state and religion which claimed to ‘own’ its populations, where the only rights people had were those that State and Temple permitted them!

To make sure we were never enslaved again – to prevent the  Government from choosing who has he right to exercise which freedoms and when….and who does not….we have built in mechanisms into our Constitutions, from Magna Carta on down, that limit the power of the government.

Yes – the whole point of our ‘Western’  constitutions is to protect us, the individual citizens, from the government.

From the government telling us what to do, what to believe, how to live and worship….

Yet  here, the Florida government plans (and, apparently, the UK government already does – King John must be ROFL in his grave) have announced their plans to invade the thoughts of youth offenders, and set then jail based on their thought patterns!!!

And if you have any illusions that re-education camps are not prisons, ask Solzhenitsyn:  he spent decades in a government-run re-education camp!  Yes, in socialist Soviet Union, a person who was picked up for ‘being intoxicated in public’ was indeed sent – for his or her own good – into state-run re-education camps in Siberia…  And the Soviet Union was not alone in their belief that government could ‘re-educate’ people in order to help them better fit into the society they had engineered…

I can’t believe this is actually happening!

And if you think that re-education camps in the US are being planned are being planned only for youth offenders – think again.  Voices are speaking up about ‘re-education camps’ being planned for ALL they youth in the US, under the guise of  ‘volunteerism’ (which, happens to pay a salary).

Yes. (When I was young, I had to join the young pioneers – prove I was ‘officially registered’ and was continuously ‘earning achievement stamps’ in my ‘pioneer passport….oh, the headaches I used to get!)

When things got too oppressive in Europe, people escaped to North America to win back their freedom.  Which leaves me with the question:  where do we run to now?