CodeSlinger speaks on feminism

CodeSlinger has some very insightful things to say on the topic of ‘feminism’ – I think they are important enough to deserve a post of their own:

Don’t kid yourself: feminism isn’t about helping women.

It preys on their psychological vulnerabilities and destroys their ability to be happy and participate in a loving, healthy family. Feminism makes women incompatible with men and then feeds on the resulting disappointment and rage.

Feminism is institutionalized penis envy.

It is instinctive for a woman to challenge and test her mate, first by goading him to fight other men, and later by attempting to undermine his dominance. The man who passes these tests will earn her love and respect; the one who fails will get nothing but loathing and contempt.

Normally, this testing eventually comes to an end as the woman matures and the man has proved his ability to remain in calm control. But modern schooling and media see to it that this cannot happen by creating a society of adult children. The females never grow out of the testing stage, and the males never achieve the maturity to pass the tests.

Feminism gives girls, and boys, an arsenal of high-sounding psychobabble with which to rationalize and justify remaining in their state of arrested development, and propagates this pathological state of affairs by demonizing its natural resolution — the male-dominated family. And the loathing and contempt which women feel for men in modern Western society is the predictable — intended! — result.

Furthermore, feminism is the handmaiden of Marxism.

It is not in the interest of the totalitarian corporocratic state for there to be strong families who look to the father for guidance and protection. This tyrannical corporation-state amalgam has arrogated these roles unto itself. Therefore, the father must be undermined and rendered impotent, causing the mother to abandon the family and turn to the totalitarian system in a Faustian bargain for security. And that is the task for which feminism was created.

The totalitarian corporocratic state — by which I mean the incestuously intertwined nest of snakes born of the unnatural union of big government and big business, which oppresses the people by violating their inalienable individual rights, and exploits them by privatizing the profits and socializing the losses of the entire economy — cannot take root in a flourishing Western society based on classical liberal principles and composed of responsible, self-reliant individuals who belong to strong traditional families embedded in healthy thriving communities.

This is why the Marxist revolutions which swept much of the globe a century ago got no traction in the West. In the intervening decades, the undermining of the moral, philosophical, social and economic foundations of Western society has had one overarching goal, and that is to bring the West to its knees in capitulation to the global totalitarian corporocratic state.

Feminism, from its inception, was — and remains — the thin edge of the wedge which is driving us to that point.

Feminism is not about helping women.

Never was, never will be.

6 Responses to “CodeSlinger speaks on feminism”

  1. EatShitBigot Says:

    bwahahahahaha! Yeah…. bitches should know their place, eh Codeslinger?

  2. EatShitBigot Says:

    Codesligner, also….. could you please post a photo of your huge biceps so that we can see what a big manly man you are?

    Bwahahahahahha!!!! No wonder your brand of right-wing extremist is a dying ideology.

  3. Juggernaut Says:

    Since this is a response to one of my posts…

    Strawman puppeteering and semantic maneuvering, a true gift of distortion and delusion. You should know better not to misinterpret or misrepresent me.

    I’m already on your side for the war against cultural Marxism, but it is no government conspiracy. Many people have an innate need to relinquish their freedom and individuality for the physical and mental protection of collectivism. Governments feed off it, but nothing is government invented (we’d like to believe that so we could externalize these problems and call everybody innocent). The very fact that we can blame the government for our weak minds is the very reason why government has adopted all of these things.

    Women have no obligation to family, to make it clear. No one has any obligation to anything. Otherwise, you are only lying to yourself and replacing the Marxist biases with your own, equally unacceptable. People don’t have obligations other than what they choose for themselves. Life will play out as it plays out. People will have to learn the hard way, but that’s on them – not me.

    Granted, I’m the least enthusiastic about family values of anyone. I’ve never had a strong family unit and I don’t know if I’d want one. Families can help, but in the end, people can only rely on themselves to get the results they need. I must commend myself for getting where I am mentally without a strong family or leaning on our government-sanctioned culture. To survive without either is truly a feat.

  4. CodeSlinger Says:


    Misinterpretation? Misrepresentation? Not at all.

    You said you like “the kind of feminism that helps women who are genuinely in need,” and I reminded you that there is no such thing, because feminism is not about helping women. Any transient good feminism has ever done for women is comparable to the transient good done for troops by building up their physical condition prior to sending them into battle.

    In this case, the battle is an ideological one, and the objective is to destroy Western civilization by destroying its cornerstone, the traditional family. And this is what the rest of my post was about – the true nature and purpose of feminism, and whose interests it really serves: feminism is the handmaiden of Marxism, which serves to usher in the global governance machine. See my reply to Xanthippa for further clarification.

    But don’t just take my word for it. You can read it in the Frankfurt School’s own published papers. In 1943, Erich Fromm wrote an essay entitled “Sex and Character,” in which he points out that “man’s specific hostility is to overpower; woman’s is to undermine.” For an excellent view of how cultural Marxists themselves see the relationship between psychology, feminism and Marxism, read Erich Fromm, Feminism, and the Frankfurt School by Douglas Kellner.

    The whole point of such observations, from the Frankfurt School’s point of view, is to use them to further Gramsci’s “quiet revolution.” That is, women were to be duped into undermining the confidence and crushing the spirit of Western males, thus robbing them of the strength and will to overpower the collectivist apparatchiks, who would then be free to remake Western civilization according to the specifications laid down by the global governance machine.

    You correctly observe that, “many people have an innate need to relinquish their freedom and individuality for the physical and mental protection of collectivism.”

    Back in the days when we still had strong families, this was not true. But now it is.

    This is precisely the intended outcome of cultural Marxism!

    And so is the attitude that “no one has any obligation to anything.” If you feel you have no obligation to anything – not even the civilization which gave you the highest levels of freedom and prosperity in the world – then you will certainly not be willing to take any kind of risk to defend that civilization.

    This is exactly the sort of thing I mean when I say that modern Western males have been robbed of the strength and will to overpower the collectivist apparatchiks.

    And if that doesn’t change – dramatically and soon – then “life will play out as it plays out” is nothing more than a euphemism meaning, life will play out exactly as the globalist totalitarian plutocrats intend it to.

    And this is precisely how they want you to think and feel.

    They want you to lie down like a whipped dog and let them win.

    Because it’s the only way they can win.

    • EatShitBigot Says:

      Hahahahahahahhahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!! For the sake of liberals everywhere, please post more posts by insane crackpot Codeslinger. Can I request the next one be about how fluoridation is corrupting the purity of our precious bodily fluids?

    • EatShitBigot Says:

      ps. who wants to bet $500 that Codeslinger is a virgin and (obviously) super bitter about it? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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