Communicating Keynes vs. Hayek

On my recent and most excellent trip out West, I talked to a lot of people about all kinds of things.  So much food for thought… and me, a slow thinker!

The upshot of this will be that in the next few weeks, I’ll probably be mulling it over and posting answers to the questions that had been raised.

One of the questions that was thus raised was how to accomplish communicating some core principles to the younger generation.  After all, they ought to learn from our generations’ mistakes!

Which brings me to YouTube:  it is a resource chock full of awesome tools for getting kids interested in learning through fun, catchy videos.

For example, my son became quite the expert on ancient warfare after a video game creator who made games about Roman warfare decided that rather than paying for extra ads, it would be a better marketing idea to pay some established video game reviewers to educate their audience about the Punic Wars.  Brilliant!

Not only did my son watch that series of videos, he got so interested in the story that he went and looked up much, much more quality online material on ancient Roman history.

Isn’t it awesome how free market not only helps everyone involved, but its by-product is a better educate populace?

Which brings me more to the focus of my post – how to teach kids about basics principles of the competing economic theories?  It sounds dull – unless you set them to rap:

And, round two:


Another useful resource that explains that the source of our rights determines their nature, a set of videos that I have posted over the last week, from LOOKandLISTEN.

If you have other good videos, let me know and I’ll feature them!

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