Ezra Levant & David Harris – Sugar-coating Islamic terrorism

This is quite distressing.

We have seen the purging of essential information from police and military training manuals in the US, but at least up here, in Canada, we have a Prime Minister who is not afraid to say out loud that the greatest threat to Canada’s security is Islamic terrorism.

Yet, we are seeing this same linguistic purging going on in CSIS?!?!?

This is not good, not good at all.

When political correctness trumps public safety, we are all …….’d!

Having said this, I am not surprised.

Over the years, I have interacted with a large number of high level civil servants – and not only do I speak their language, I am very, very familiar with their thought patterns and behaviours.  For example, when Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was firs elected, I heard conversations among the highest echelons of the civil service on how best to circumvent the government’s will, how to intentionally introduce flaws into programs they are ordered by the government to implement so as to make the elected officials look foolish, and so on.  (The mandarins did not know I was not on their team….)

Which is why, whenever someone raises the issue of term limits of elected officials, I suggest that we create term limits for how long an individual may serve in the civil service, regardless of the level.  After all, inexperienced elected officials and VERY experienced apartchicks does not a good governance structure make!

I would recommend capping any individual’s term limit to work for ANY level of the civil service at no more than 12 years…

But, I digress…

This year, for Christmas, I bought my kids each a copy of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’.

One of the first lessons it teaches is that if you cannot name/define the enemy, you have already lost.

Keep that in mind as you watch this video, which shows that increasingly, our security forces are not permitted to name/define the enemy.

Sad, so sad…