What do Canadian Islamic leaders, texts and schools say about LGBT?

Two talks: one before and one after the Draw Mohammed Day


Just for the record:  there was one Mohammed picture that was not a print, but an original painting.  In fact, it had been part of the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland Texas.  It depicts Mohammed in the classical Marilyn Monroe pose to symbolize the harmoneous integration of Muslims into our Western society.

A bloody scary thing is happening in our Universities

England Bans Its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims

Social Justice is a Cult! Here is a petition to subject its teaching to objective examination

Please, join me in signing Sargon of Akkad’s petition to subject ‘social justice’ departments to objective, critical examination and not permitted to continue to brainwash our young ones into their cult:

The petition is HERE.

The background:



Robert Spencer: How islam killed free speech in 30 years

Microaggressions & The Rise of HYPERSENSITIVE Victimhood Culture