Social Justice is a Cult! Here is a petition to subject its teaching to objective examination

Please, join me in signing Sargon of Akkad’s petition to subject ‘social justice’ departments to objective, critical examination and not permitted to continue to brainwash our young ones into their cult:

The petition is HERE.

The background:



4 Responses to “Social Justice is a Cult! Here is a petition to subject its teaching to objective examination”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Cult is exactly the right term for this… phenomenon.

    We have spoken often of the cultural-Marxist dialectic spewing out of the activist departments of universities, and the propaganda disseminated by the media, but there is another, more insidious vector delivering this corrosive swill.

    Cults have always exploited the power of music, drumming and chanting to entrain the mental processes of their followers.

    Psybient (Psychedelic Ambient) and Psytrance (Psychedelic Trance) music, played by DJs at raves and festivals like Burning Man, Boom Festival, and so on, are exceptionally hypnotic and extremely effective at inducing a non-rational trance state.

    The art of the DJ is to mix such tracks, one after another, without interruption, for hours on end.

    And these tracks often have superimposed voice tracks disseminating the New-Age Enviro-Collectivist message.

    One particularly hypnotic example I came across recently incorporated Stephen Hawking’s synthetic voice, complete with loops and other electronic effects, saying

    Human activity causes global warming… warming… warming… warming…

    The temperature of Venus is 250 degrees centigrade with sulphuric acid rain.

    Under these conditions the human race could not survive… survive… survive… survive…

    People listening to this stuff are not in the most analytical frame of mind. They are dancing, carried away by the mood of the crowd, and typically under the influence of psychedelic drugs.

    You see the problem.

    Intellectual debate will not prevail against tactics of this kind.

    • xanthippa Says:


      It is textbook ‘cult’ as textbook gets.

      And I don’t understand how people don’t see through it…

      I mean, I do understand that they do and the mechanics through which this is accomplished, I just don’t understand how people could permit themselves to be tricked by it.

      Yes, when I was a little child, I was indoctrinated in another cult, the Communist Pioneers/Youth.

      But by the age of 8, I understood what was happening and guarded my mind against such intrusion ever again. And I was not unique – the vast majority of my peers had thrown off the shackles by the age of 9 or so, at the latest.

      It seems that these young people have never needed to exercise their mental faculties to survive – and now, as young adults, their minds have atrophied so that they are more gullible than an 8-year-old…

      End well, this will not!

      At least, there is some pushback on this now…

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    In those days, families were still cohesive units, standing together and supporting each other against the state (as usual, by state I mean the deep state, the incestuously intertwined nest of snakes issuing from the unnatural union of big business and big government).

    Also, I think the indoctrination has always been more effective on this side of the iron curtain, which is why we didn’t have to resort to gulags.

    I clearly remember thinking, already in the fourth grade, how naïve and indoctrinated my classmates were, with only one or two exceptions over the entirety of my school years – and they, not surprisingly, were European immigrants.

    A number of factors have changed since those days – all for the worse.

    These days, children are effectively wards of the state. They start daycare as early as six weeks of age.

    They don’t read books anymore, so their imaginations get no exercise.

    Mothers spend very little time rearing them; they let the television do it. Watching television puts the viewer in a passive, absorbing trance state.

    Fathers, in many cases, are absent – often by court order – which neutralizes the single most powerful factor militating for independence of thought.

    Therefore the mothers – even when the father is still ostensibly present in the home – are effectively married to the state, and dare not go against it.

    Ownership of news, entertainment, and educational media is much more concentrated, hence the propaganda is much more uniform.

    The technology of indoctrination has come a long way since those days.

    Peer pressure no longer stops at the door of the home. Social media now follows us into the no-longer-private spaces where we form our identities.

    The list goes on, but I think this covers the most important factors.

    And, speaking of wards of the state, I don’t suppose I need to remind you that Ceausescu’s Securitate (Department of State Security, i.e., secret police) recruited preferentially, if not quite exclusively, individuals who had spent their formative years as… wards of the state.

    So, push-back or not, things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

    If they get better.

    Which is why I say we need to take our allies wherever we can get them.

    And by ally, I mean anyone willing to put the survival of the white (secularized) Christian hetero-patriarchy above all else!

  3. Academia Sukun Says:

    I have summarised the messages left by signatories to the petition here:

    and the feminist backlash and the incredible things they believe about Sargon here:

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