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Toronto Distric School Board sics cops on blogger BlazingCatFur

Oh, my, my!

So, for quite a while, Arnie over at BlazingCatFur has been doing some deep investigative reporting into the actions and policies of the TDSB (Toronto District School Board).

From they glorify the Black Panthers and that highly photogenic psychopathic murderer Che Guevara, to how they permit the interrogation of their students who happen to be female and Muslim as to whether they are having a period – and if they do, they get sent to the back of the room to the instructions to students on how to have sex with vegetables…and more!

Yes, the TDSB has done all that – and Arnie has covered it on his blog, long before it would break in the more traditional media!

His signature is abrasive, not politically-correct language, sarcasm and hyperbole.

In Toronto, that can earn you a visit from the police….

It makes one think of the time the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ theme song got a school lock-down – except there, it was a simple misunderstanding, while here, there is a definite stink of trying to silence the messanger.