Demonstrators in the Czech Republic call for formation of armed militias, exit from EU

Oh, how I wish WordPress would support embedding videos from LiveLeak!  Please, do click above…

The video above was translated by yours truly…

7 Responses to “Demonstrators in the Czech Republic call for formation of armed militias, exit from EU”

  1. peterodonnell Says:

    Germany wouldn’t cross borders and invade smaller neighbouring countries woudl they? (no Peter they wouldn’t, relax, couldn’t possibly happen)

    • xanthippa Says:

      Currently, Germany is less of a worry than the militarized EU police force (to be used against civil unrest in EU member countries where the national police side with the citizens) or the militarized UN force which, apparently, is authorized to operate within all UN member nations to enforce UN laws, even if these contravene national constitutions.

      And, of course, we all know that the UN is under the power of the OIC, the largest state-level organization aside from (though member of) the UN, whose only goal is to impose the Shariah on all member states of the UN through the use of any and all means at the disposal of the UN…

      In other words: as of this week, all UN nation states have surrendered their constitutions and national laws to the Sharia-enforcing UN rule!

  2. peterodonnell Says:

    Yeah I get all that, but I am guessing most of the EU soldiers (police, whatever) would turn out to be Germans. Maybe not.

  3. G.Deckzeijl Says:

    Important notice! What’s crossing the borders of Europe has NOTHING to do with the meaning refugee.
    They are just infiltrators. They come here solely on the basis of THE (muslim brotherhood) PROJECT.
    Here are all the details via Frontpage Magazine:
    Change the number to 4475 to read page two, including more than 20 instructions.
    Arabic version on pdf file:

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