Guest post by a European Man on the topic of the ‘Migrant crisis’ and gun control

“Give us your weapons – Give us your freedom”

This is how I could describe situation in EU these days.


Terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th are a huge tragedy.

Over hundred people killed.

Hundreds of wounded.

Terrorists with AKs and explosives.

The biggest mass murder in Europe since WWII.

This is the thing we cannot take back. But what we can do against those action to repeat again?

Well, that is the question.

But it is the question which everyone is looking for the answer to.

And when people are looking for answers, they first look towards European Parliament (EP) and European Commission (EC). Why? Because we are in the EU!

In situation like this, EP and EC must act. And they must act quickly.

But what can we expect from organizations which can only define “how an average banana has to be shaped, to be sold in EU”? Hell yeah! You cannot expect something reasonable.

So, let me tell you how EC thinks.

“Terrosists have weapons!”

“We will restrict weapons!”

“OK, job done!”

So, you might say that in normal world somebody had to tell:

“Hey! Terrorists have illegal firearms. How can we controll them?”
and someone other:

“Yeah. That is the point. We will activate our secret services and fight against weapon smuglers!”

But we are in EU.

There are no such people.

What will EC do?

On 13th, there were the attacks.

On 18th they have a solution to this problem in form of global restrictions of weapons across the whole EU.

I can only ask myself. “How could they come up with this so fast?”. Then I answer myself too. “Those bastards had it already prepared and only waited for good opportunity to strike!”

I am not a big fan of United States.

Really, I am not.

But some quotes from former American leaders are worth remembering. For example:

“No free man shall be deprived of the use of arms.”

Thomas Jefferson

The EU wants us to give them our weapons. For now they will take only:

– guns which were deactivated from army guns (e.g.: full auto assult rifles). Those cannot shoot any more and if you try to bring them back to life, you will end up in hospital, for sure.

– guns which looks like army guns, or were converted from army guns (semiautomatic rebuilds of army guns like AK 47, SA VZ 58, AR 15)

OK. Some people could give up on their semiautomatic civilian versions of VZ 58 (Czech weapon using the same ammunition as AK 47. Looks a little bit like AK 47, but it is a different system).

Some of us not (including me).

I am the proud owner of a firearm licence and few guns.

Why proud?

It is quite hard to get to firearm licence in our country. AND I think that the right to bear arms is the basic sign of a free country.

Without the option of bearing arms, we would be slaves.

And that it exactly what the EU want us to be!

They know that when they restrict legal firearms, terrorists will always find their way to illegal ones.

And that they  will not hesitate to use them.

What will disarmed, law obeying men do, when the terrorists come to his house with the desire to kill?

He might only say “You cannot do it. It is against the law!”

But that is exactly what terrorists do!!!

They fuck the law!

But, the average person obeys it…

…so we will have a bunch of toothless people against well armed terrorists, who will have illegal firearms.

Thank you!

I want my freedom!

I want to have my guns!

I want to care about my own security!

Especially when the EU cannot secure it.

And no! I do not want to be a slave of the EU!

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The European crisis viewed by Czech man – part three – Final thoughts

As you might notice from my previous articles, I am trying to avoid using words “Migration crisis” too much. You also could guess how I see the present situation in Europe. Yes, there is a crisis in Europe. But it is not only a migration crisis. It is a global crisis of the whole European society.

I will start with one example from Army of Czech Republic (ACR).

There was a survey in HQ of ACR done by army psychologist. One of the private television stations got their hands on this material and published it.

It says that every 8th employee of ACR HQ causes potential security threat.


Because they have a critical point of view at foreign policy of our government and especially NATO.

How is it interpreted?

You might guess!

“Xenophobyia”, “Racism” and our favorite “Agressivity”.
Now let the numbers to talk.

There were totally 816 tested employees of HQ. The most employees think that the third most dangerous country to CR (Czech Republic) is the USA and 71% of them think that immigrants pose grave danger for Czech Republic!

And 71% of employees of HQ think that Islam is not acceptable at all.

I don’t want to hide information like official media do, so I will mention that from those 816 people, some would accept those common Islammic forms of punishment:
– stoning would be accepted by 47 people
– whipping would be accepted by 114 people
– cutting of hands would be accepted by 134 people
When you read this, ask yourself a few questions.

“Is that really true or just another attempt to discredit members of HQ?”

That is quite common practice. Someone says something that is not “truth and love” {the Czech counterpart saying to ‘sunshine an lollipops and singing kumbaya’}, he is descredited and then no one listens to him.

The favorite way is to blame him from having a child pornography. This works every time.

Another question might be: “Are their fears justified?”

Those guys have access to information from their own secret service, so it might be at least partially backed up by the truth.

And the final one? “If not only the most of common poorly informed people, but even the most of ARC HQ thinks that immigrants might be dangerous, why does the EU let theme cross the borders with no control?”

OK let’s calm down a bit.

Even Germany closed their borders to immigrants.

But the problem is not solved. There are still thousands of immigrants crossing borders of the Shenghen area.

As I mentioned few times before, I don’t trust official media anymore. But last month there were reported those things:
– Multiple fights between immigrants in Germany.
– Immigrants are making improvised weapons from metal parts of tables etc. and hiding them.
– Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban says that the immigrants are reminiscent of an army.

I would like to stop at the last one. Viktor Orban is the only prime minister that deserves to be the one. When he saw that immigrants are coming through his country like floods, he said “NO!”. He started to build a barbed wire fence along the borders with Serbia, where the most of immigrants were coming in from.

There were cca 230 people killed in a Russian airplane by bomb set up by Islamic State two weeks ago.

Over hundred people were killed in Paris few days ago.

One of the attackers was illegal immigrant who came to Europe through the Greek route.

And here we are now!

Is still everything OK, Frau Merkel? No, it is not!

But look at our media. There was one article with title: “We are in war with terror! Immigrants are on our side!”. It was telling us, that they run from the same enemy as we fear.

The IS.

I say: “Maybe. Maybe a few of them are.”

I can understand that Syrian family (e. g. a man, his wife and their three children) is running from a war.

But then there is a boat, where 2000 from 2300 people (source: Doctors Without Borders) in it are young men in age between 20 to 30. They are dressed in brand clothing and have smartphones?

Those are not refugees running from warzone.

They might be either economical “immigrants”, who want money from social system of Germany and Sweden, or members of IS, who will make terrorists attacks just like the one in Paris.

When this will be over?

I don’t know.

But current situation is quite bad. Not in Czech Republic, but few European countries are getting into serious trouble.

Sorry this site has been so quiet lately

I have been extremely busy with all that has been going on, especially translating news from English to others, and vice versa.

To keep up to date on what has been happening, please check out

and many other worthy sources from my blogroll.

I’ll try to catch you up as soon as I can, but there is just too much to do right now!

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