Yet Another Swedish Rape Case

This is unfortunate, but true:

Lately, I have neglected this blog – and, I do apologize.  However, I have been doing a lot of translating of various clips from Czech (and other Slavic/EasternEuropean lands) regarding the migrants and the domestic reaction to them.

It is difficult to understate the situation:  even those who have initially welcomed the migrants in the name of humanity and helping each other have become jaded, beaten down by the migrants’ arrogance, entitlement and disregard for any considerations for the indigenous populations’ welfare.

Did I mention the violence, rapes and property theft?  You see, Sharia states that only Muslims have property rights, so taking the property of non-Muslims is not theft and is perfectly moral…

Just a tiny example:  migrants arrive in a town in the evening, receive donations of blankets and warm clothing and, the next morning, as the temperatures warm up, they toss away the blankets and warm clothing into ditches along their path,as they wish to ‘travel light’, adding toward the rubbish they leave along their path – and then demand blankets and warm clothing at the next town they arrive at in the evening…

It is difficult to understate just how close Europe is towards a civil war!

One Response to “Yet Another Swedish Rape Case”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    What they could do is round up all those “immigrants” and send them to where good Muslims want to go at least once in their lives: Mecca. Just don’t give them passports that would let them come back. Leave them in Mecca, and let the Saudis deal with them.

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