When fear-mongering about Anthropogenic Climate Change just does not rake in enough attention any more

First, it was Global Warming.  Back in the 1920’s.

Then, it was Global Cooling.  Back in the 1970’s.

Then it was Global Warming – again, in the 1990’s.

Then it was Anthropogenic Climate Change – when the scientific predictions on effects of carbon-forced Global Warming did not actually happen, thus disproving (or, as scientist say, falsifying:  meaning it is conclusively proven to be false) the hypothesis of carbon-forced Global Warming.

Then it got out that much of these predictions were intentionally faked by a group of scientists who got money and fame from their false claims….

…and then people smartened up and began to tune out all this noise.

And here, I truly mean people: neither the politicians, journalists and their sycophants who would loose a lot if they admitted they got suckered in, nor the Cultural Marxists who saw the whole man-made doomsday scenario as an excellent opportunity to impose their brand of social engineering onto the rest of us.

But now that most people are ignoring the scientists and the journalists and only obeying the politicians because we have lost any semblance of accountability by elected representatives to their constituents in our society, what are poor scientists looking for the next grant-train to do?

How can they bully people into giving them more and more money when the people are  no longer scared?

Gotta go bigger!!!

At least, that is the only plausible explanation I can think of for this Mail Online Headline:

Will a volcanic eruption destroy humanity? Scientists warn that world must begin preparing for explosive global catastrophe

  • Scientists at the European Science Foundation estimate there is a 5-10% probability of a large explosive volcanic eruption by the end of the century
  • They warn it could have global impacts that will devastate human society and send humanity back to a state that existed pre-civilisation 
  • Experts have called upon world leaders to spend £2 billion a year to monitor volcanic activity and to increase the ability to respond
Yeah, sure – give ‘the scientists’ 4 Billion Dollars – or a volcano might just blow up in your neighbourhood, yeah, and you want to be prepared, right?
Because giving the money to scientists instead of leaving more of it in the taxpayer’s pocket so they can have reserves and be prepared for most kind of catastrophic events just makes much more sense:  to those ‘scientists’.
Shame, such shame that some ‘scientists’ have turned into such blatant shake-down artists!

3 Responses to “When fear-mongering about Anthropogenic Climate Change just does not rake in enough attention any more”

  1. Voice of Reason Says:

    14 out of the last 15 years are the hottest on record. Last year was the hottest ever recorded.

    Please put that childish “1970’s global cooling” talking point to rest. It was one article in one magazine. It was not the concensus of climatologist at the time.

    Today… 97% of climatologists say it’s getting warmer and its human caused.

    • xanthippa Says:

      Yes, VOR, and 97% of used car dealers say that they are selling you a perfect car at a loss!

      People who directly financially benefit from a ‘crisis’ are not usually the ones we should trust if they tell us they need a lot more money….

      As a scientist (Physics) whose area of specialization was data collection and analysis, I am rather well positioned to evaluate this particular topic.

      And ‘consensus’ is not part of the scientific method….especially if a body is convened to try to prove that something is happening. If you wanted the scientific method, you would convene a body with the purpose of trying to disprove it – and only if they failed should you even begin to worry.

      Co-incidence does not imply causality…and failed predictions nullify any hypothesis…as has happened with carbon-forced climate change. There may, very well be warming, but we do know for a fact that carbon forcing is not the cause.

      • Voice of Reason Says:

        Are you really comparing people with a PhD with “used car dealers”?

        Do you have a PhD in Physics?

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