Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg – Socialist Sweden

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  1. anonymous2 Says:

    Interesting comment from YouTube…

    Am I supposed to believe that you faltered to 14th because you offer health care and education to all your citizens via mostly taxes? Or is it because other countries improved and surpassed you regardless of those benefits to citizens? More likely due to exploiting natural resources, immigration policies allowing for more great ideas to be in the country, etc. As far as the corporate tax rate, you did go overboard on it at 60+%. Now it appears to be in the 20’s for you. Our effective corporate tax rate for many companies is still less than yours even after you re-adjusted. GE for example. Here is a quote from Bernie’s site: “In 2010, the effective tax rate of large, profitable corporations in the U.S. was only 12.6 percent, not the 35 percent nominal tax Republicans and corporate tax lobbyists complain about.” Does Bernie advocate taking over all businesses? Not that I have heard. Does a job have to be private in order for it to be good if the outcome of the service is the same and possibly the cost is too? Is your definition of “success” solely based on how much money a country rakes in even if the largest chunk goes to just a handful of people that turn around and often pay people barely a living wage to get by on? Looking at your GDP in 1970 vs now, it looks like it went up at about the same percentage rate as the US did during that same period. So I’m confused on how Sweden is so much worse off now compared to the US. The voucher system is still paid by the state in Norway. And health care still appears to be funded by taxes. So is education and healthcare really a cause of your downfall earlier? Or is it from going TOO far in the tax rate and TOO much protectionism in your own country? Like many things in life, too much of a good thing one way or another can be a bad thing.

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