Dion unveils plan for a new $3,000,000,000 ‘slush fund’

Would you believe it?

During an interview with Mike Duffy last night, Liberal leader Stephane Dion alleys the fears of advertizing companies in Quebec:  if he is elected, things will go back to the ‘Chretien gravy-train’ days!

See for your self…. About 50 seconds into the interview, he promises to set aside THREE BILLION DOLLAR ‘CONTINGENCY FUND’ – to be used for unsupervised  ‘unforseen boosts’ to the economy.

(Sorry, for not embedding the video – I could not find it on YouTube yet.  If I do, I’ll edit the post to add it.)

Ah, the New and Improved Liberal Spending Party of Canada!

What is the difference?  Under Chretien, the slush funds were kept on the quiet.  Under Dion, they are the centerpiece of their newly unveiled election platform.

I guess Mr. Dion’s communication skills are improving!