Limiting our freedoms – making sense of the ‘big picture’

Have you ever found a bunch of strings so knotted up, it was difficult to tell which thread went where, how they connected – and how to untangle them?  Pulling on some strings just seems to make it more knotted up and incomprihensible… you had to pull a little bit on each one, switching back and forth, to figure it out and realize which ones wrapped around which other ones – and how, before you could make much progress in untangling it.

That is how I feel when trying to describe the ‘big picture’ of the current threats to our freedom of speech – which is the key that unlocks all our other freedoms.

Because the current situation we are facing – the various threats to our freedoms – consists of exactly the type of ‘tangled knot’ made up of several quite discrete (and a few of them frayed into several ‘strands’) ‘threads’!  If I ‘pull’ on one ‘thread’ alone, it will not clear up anything…  Therefore, I beg you, the reader, to keep this in mind and indulge my ‘haphazard’ and disorganized presentation – hopping from one bit to another, pulling a little bit on each ‘thread’ in its turn… 

Another problem I ran into while trying to write this up was just how long the post was getting… It became necessary to break it up into many shorter ones.  My fear in doing this?  I have tried doing this before, but never got all the ‘bits’ out because something ‘big’ happened that I wanted to comment on – or I never connected them up properly – or I went off on some tangent.

This one, however, is too important not to give it a try.

So, over the next little while, I will be posting a various, seemingly unrelated, stories – each a part of one thread or another which makes up this ‘knot’.  And, I plan to connect them up!  Perhaps in the last post of the series, perhaps as a separate page (like I am doing with the Aspergers posts).

Any additional information you come accross that you think should be included in this, or when I make mistakes which you could correct – please, let me know!  I welcome this because even though I think I see a pattern here, one person can never get the ‘whole’ of the ‘big picture’ without the help of historical perspective…which only comes centuries after the events.  

And our freedoms – they are in more danger of being eroded, one tiny bit at a time, than most of us are willing to admit.


6 Responses to “Limiting our freedoms – making sense of the ‘big picture’”

  1. Revnant Dream Says:

    Good Luck its a gorgons knot, of what on the surface seems implausible. Like for instance the lefts & Islamist alliance.
    Yet these paradoxical incompatible Dogmas finds accommodation if only in there hatred of things Western.
    Than the hysterics, from flu epidemics to global warming if not a meteorite strike. This is what happens when intelligent people believe in no order, or a nihilistic picture of existence.
    Nothing matters in this context. Except power, where delusion rests in the comfort of rationalization for any abomination. People become viewed as taffy for the bending. Chemical robots. All that’s left is “feelings” or emotional catharsis as values.

    Xanthippa says:
    Thank you!

    And, I have no illusions about this being a really, really big messy knot!

    But, I am an ‘Aspie’ – which I tell everyone ‘is a gift, and it is a curse’ – just like Mr. Monk says! The ‘gift’ bit – for me – is a pathological obsession with patterns – all types of patterns. And, though I am fully aware that my ‘glimpse’ is partial and imperfect, I am recognizing some VERY DEFINITE PATTERNS at work here.

    No, this is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ – no more than ‘human nature’ is a ‘conspiracy’!

    Yet, there is a discernible pattern coming into view here. I am hoping that people will help me build as complete a picture as possible, given we are living through the events and do not have the perspective of a few centuries…

  2. codeslinger Says:


    You have really set out a task for yourself! The knot you’ve set out to untangle includes many threads.

    It includes not only censorship of various kinds, but also the erosion of privacy, the debasement of the schools and the neutralization of the church. It includes the destruction of the family by setting women against husbands and children against parents. It includes the disarmament of the public, the invalidation of self defense and the incitement of fear. It includes the promulgation of the culture of victimhood, the promotion of immaturity and the reduction of society to a mob of adult children. It includes the dogmatization of the universities. It includes the concentration of wealth, ownership of corporations and control of the media.

    All of these threads, and many more, form the sinister web we glibly call “Political Correctness.” It’s true name is Cultural Marxism and its origins date back to the work of Georg Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci in the 1920’s. After them came the Frankfurt School (Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Jurgen Habermas, Theodor Adorno). If you really want to unravel this knot, you have a great deal of research ahead of you, and much of what you discover will horrify you.

    A good place to start is an essay called “The Origins of Political Correctness,” which you can find at

    You have my respect for taking this on. I hope you share your findings with your readers. This stuff is important.

    P.S. — give my regards to Socrates, will you?

    Xanthippa says:

    Thank you!

    I doubt that what I find will horrify me – I am already there…which is why I have decided to tackle this ‘knot’! I agree with much of what you have said, but would add much, much more to this. It is not just that these things ‘are’ – it is how they change societal attitudes and norms…

    I am not educated in social science (my field was physics) – only good at ‘patterns’. But, hopefully, with a lot of feedback from people more knowledgable than I, we can put this thing together.

    As for Socrates – I’ll give him your regards! ;0)

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