Swine flu: arm yourself with information

The best way to combat things – in my never-humble-opinion – is to arm yourself with information.

So, without further ado, here is a YouTube video – just released – by Thunderf00t (I have found him to be an accurate and reliable source of information on scientific topics in the past):

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One Response to “Swine flu: arm yourself with information”

  1. Louise Says:

    Aside from the topic of the video, I must say that YouTube is one of the greatest inventions in recent years, isn’t it. Imagine how many people will watch this video who might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about this latest virus. Good catch, my friend.

    Thank you!

    I subscribe to a few ‘diehard free-speechers’ channels on YouTube, as well as a few scientists (and a few fun ones….) ‘Thunderfoot’ is one of the ‘scientists’ whose information has always been accurate (even if I do not necessarily agree with his politics…).

    When my parents first got married, they lived in a tiny apartment. Their landlady’s daughter had survived the ‘Spanish Flu’ – but the high fever when she had the flu had caused irreversible brain damage…. and frequent, blinding, horribly painful headaches. It made quite an impression on my (then very young) parents…

    The story ‘stuck’ with me!

    And, now that we know so much about influenza, we CAN do even simple things to prevent someone else’s child from suffering that poor landlady’s daughter’s fate… Or the fate of so many children in underdeveloped countries who DO die of the simple flu, because they get diarrhea and die of dehydration – when ‘knowledge’ would have saved them!!!

    OK, here is where I get really sappy….can’t help it!

    Still, when it comes to fighting influenza and other viruses – and other pathogens – we MUST arm ourselves with the best, most accurate information possible!

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