The last ‘Surra’ of them all…

OK, I have a bad memory, and I know this.  So, when I cannot remember something, I look it up, right?

Well, when I heard of ‘Surra de Bunda’ – I could not remember which of the Suras it was.  I remembered that there was a Sura named ‘Baqara’ – which means ‘Cow’, that deals with, among other things, with inheritance:  giving daughters 1/2 the amount it gives sons, and so on.

‘Bunda’ sounds a little similar to ‘Baqara’ – they both begin with ‘B’ and and in ‘a’….and there is a Sura called ‘the Bee’…  But they don’t sound the same and I could not remember where ‘Sura de Bunda’ would fit in…

This is important, because since some of the Suras contradict each other, there is an agreement among most Koranic scholars that the later a Sura was ‘revealed’, the more weight is given it and it in every effect replaces the earlier verses.  This is known as abrogation.

So, knowing which Sura was revealed when is very important!

It turns out that ‘Surra de Bunda’ is indeed a very new and ‘revealing’ Surra!

So new and revealing, in fact, you will not find it in any printed copy of the Koran!  At least, not a ‘respectable’ one…

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3 Responses to “The last ‘Surra’ of them all…”

  1. MariaS Says:

    LOL … that was funny !!! So, this is the latest Sura, eh? Very fitting.

  2. Kaffir_Kanuck Says:

    Fatwas that?

    Guess it’ll work great in all those thrid world strip clubs where they can’t afford chairs.

    So, which surra is this one abrogating? I hope it’s the one about there being no fun in Islam ’cause they’re in desperate need of a sense of humour, no wait, I meant female domination…ya, that’s it.

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