TSA fail: how ‘nude body scanners’ fail to detect weapons

Many people have been pointing out that the ‘nude body scanners’use higher levels of radiation than regular X-rays anf thus might be a health risk.  There have even been ‘scandalous’ reports of ‘cancer clusters’ among TSA employees: while I remain skeptical about the long-term effects of these machines, any reports of cancer already being ’caused’ by them are a load of dingo’s kidneys…cancer takes much longer to show up than this.

My primary concern about these machines has always been the collection of biometric data…  But, we are being told, this invasion of our privacy is justified by the increased security these machines provide us.

Of course, we all know that people who are willing to give up liberty for security will not get either one.  But, for the sake of the argument, let’s permit the premise and see just how effective these machines are at detecting metal objects or other weapons.

According to the following video, it is not very difficult to ‘beat’ them…

So, how much safer are we, exactly?

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