A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky is Persecuting Atheists

Many of my Christian friends seem completely blind to the very real-life persecution many atheists in our society face from, yes, Christians…

It’s as if a sectarian ‘see-no-intolerance-committed-by-my-co-religionists’ exists within every single religion – which is yet another reason why this world will never get better until all organized religions (with their dogmatization of faith and dividing the world into ‘us vs. them’ along sectarian lines) are a thing of the past!

From Alter.net:

‘In Kentucky, a homeland security law requires the state’s citizens to acknowledge the security provided by the Almighty God–or risk 12 months in prison.

The law and its sponsor, state representative Tom Riner, have been the subject of controversy since the law first surfaced in 2006, yet the Kentucky state Supreme Court has refused to review its constitutionality, despite clearly violating the First Amendment’s separation of church and state.

“The church-state divide is not a line I see,” Riner told The New York Times shortly after the law was first challenged in court. “What I do see is an attempt to separate America from its history of perceiving itself as a nation under God.”’
According to the article, Riner is a Democratic State representative.  Hey, aren’t the Democrats in the US be the less religious of the two parties?
So much forfreedom from religion inthe USA!!!

One Response to “A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky is Persecuting Atheists”

  1. Zimriel Says:

    Keep in mind that as long as Kentucky remains part of the USA, this particular law has no standing.

    It’s “boob bait for the bubbas”, except that I might support a law that mandated statues of boobs in front of state buildings . . .

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