Another quick note about ‘the day in court’

Today, was a lively day in court with a number of interesting twists and turns.

After court, I went home to check on my ‘little one’, then came back downtown and joined  Connie and Mark Fournier and Roger Smith for a most enjoyable dinner at Yangtze, one of Ottawa’s tastiest restaurants (and just a block away from ‘catsmeat-Kinsella’s’ favourite Ottawa haunt).  I must admit, we had fun discussing all kinds of things and relaxing after a most exhausting week.

I know, I am woefully behind in my reporting on the case – my apologies, but, it will have to wait a another day or so:  I want to do a good job and, right now, I am just a little too tuckered out to do it justice.  I do promise to catch up and do it sequentially, so, please, come back tomorrow evening for the next installment.


P.S.  Today, at one point during the afternoon, Madam Justice Polowin said:  OK, now I know what a SLAPP suit is – but, what is ‘lawfare’?