Inoculating Our Children Against Political Correctness

This is talk I delivered at the second annual Freedom School conference, held in Calgary earlier this year:

2 Responses to “Inoculating Our Children Against Political Correctness”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:

    Great talk!

    Once you hit your stride, the presentation was very engaging.

    The early part was very dense. That is, you had a lot of groundwork to lay in order to provide context for your main point, and I think you did a very creditable job of making a long story short.

    Lockjaw – good metaphor! You made a very convincing segue from unspeakable to unthinkable. The simile of using broken-down pieces of untruth to inoculate against cultural Marxist rhetoric was also very compelling. Obviously, this will work if parents have the commitment and stamina to carry it through.

    By the way, you’re looking good in that video; you made a very professional impression.

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